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JWO Notes & Market Report 11-21-2019

That letter I got about a relative in London with 9 million dollars was all just a scam. They wanted me to send them money. Well that didn't happen! If any one ever needs high quality, engineered, wood roof trusses, call Precision Truss 715-229-9191. Another week but the same story. It's all about quality! We are now taking Consignments for our third annual Holiday Select Sale, looks like we'll have our best group yet!! Top dairy cows this week 2400, 2400, 2200 Allen Weaver, Colby. 1900 Tom Kearn, Gays Mills. 1875 Heather Metzler, Viroqua. Many decent quality cows 700-1300. Had 24 lots of hay, firewood & bedding. 3+3+7 dairy quality grass and Alfalfa 120-150/ bale, top 180. Round bales first crop grass 65-85.

JWO Notes & Market Report 11-14-2019

Good luck and happy deer hunting! Just in case that doesn't work out, we can get you good meat in a very similar looking package for probably less money, here on the 5th. 418 head this week. Top dairy cows $1,725, $1,600 Vonhaden, Fall Creek. $1,675, Jacob Troyer, Cashton. $1,550 Menno Hershberger, Loyal. Quality Holstein feeder steers mostly $.70-.84. Choice Holstein steers $96.50, $96.00 John Yoder, Spencer. $95.00 Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. Dairy quality dry hay and baleage $120-150/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 11-05-2019

Then it got cold! Then we got 587 cattle on our Special Heifer Sale. Then, we made more pen space. Not quite the ideal order for things, but now it should go smoother for the next big sale. Sheldon Zimmerman, Unity sold 3 Fancy springers, $1,300-$1,325, but most springers $750-950. Top open heifers $.70/lb. Lots of light flesh, plain, opens coming off pasture $.38-.60/lb. Choice Holstein steers $88-95, top lot ave 1640 lbs @ $.96. 530 lb crossbred steers & heifers $1.10-1.24. Holstein bull calves up to $85/hd. Dairy quality grass & alfalfa hay $110-140/bale. Baleage up to $90.

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-31-2019

Well my lucky day! I got a letter in the mail stating a distant relative of mine in London died of cardiac arrest in 2009 and just now they tracked me down as the next of Kin. The poor old bloke left a cool 9.47 million in his account. All I need to do to claim it is sign to verify who I am. I will of course have to wire funds for closing costs and a few incidentals, but still!! Quality, Quality, Quality. It's all about Quality and we had quality in Spades today! Top Dairy cows 2250, 1750, 1700 Stanley Halligan, Athens. $2000, $1850 Keith Horning, Greenwood. $2000, $1850, $1800 Tony Knorn, Casco. $2000, $1800 Allard Meverdan, Wittenberg. $1900, $1900 Lamar Weaver, Unity. $1900 Leonard Ray Zimmerman, Greenwood. $1800 Levi Bieler, Boscobel. Top Market steer 1615 lbs @ $.94. Market cows considerable higher than last week. 2 top cows $.5825. Hay market continues strong. Large squares dairy quality hay $130- $150 a bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-24-2019

It's always something. Finally, got our parking lot enlarged. Now we really do need more pen space. Had 797 head consigned on our special feeder and dairy sale. Our largest sale to date by about 250 head! Thanks to our excellent barn and office crew  we got through it okay. Good buyer support throughout but very selective on quality. Holstein steers mostly $65-80. Beef steers 599 lbs @ $1.35. 668 lbs @ $1.29. 475 lbs @ $1.38. 900 lbs @ $1.18. As always, thanks for your support!! And don't forget, if you can't make the sale we do order buying.


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