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JWO Notes & Market Report

Here's your market report for Thursday April 2nd, 2020. The better end of the dairy cows brought$1,200 to $1,600 today with an extreme top of $1,700. Many respectable mid lactation or smaller cows $900 to $1,150. No real test on heifers today. Had over 300 heifers last week with better springers bringing $1,250 to $1,450 and opens $.70 to $.90/lb with a few groups over a dollar/lb. Good Holstein heifer calves $10 to $50 per head. Holstein bull calves mostly $30 to $80 per head. Top $95. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $120 to $200 per head. The slaughter markets are extremely unsettled the last 2 weeks. Slaughter steers and cull cows mostly 15 to 20 cents per pound lower than last week. Holstein steers $.70 to $.80/lb with cross breds up to $.8650. Good cull cows $.40 to $.47 cents. Market bulls $.75 to $.80/lb. Top dairy hay 3x4x8 $140/bale. 3x3x7 grass $55 to $90. First crop rounds grass $30 to $45/bale. Baleage $30 to $55. Thank You for your continued support as we work thru these challenging Markets!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-26-2020

Sold 715 head on a very active market! Many quality cows $1,300 to $1,575 with several $1,600 to $1,875. Small, plain, or blemished cows lower. Sold over 300 heifers on a strong market. Good quality springers $1,150 to $1,450. Open heifers mostly $.73 to $.85/lb. Several fancy groups of 500-600 lbs $.94 to $1.08/lb. Holstein heifer calves $35 to $160 per head. Holstein bull calves were higher, mostly $65 to $120 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $160 to $210. Choice Holstein steers and heifes $.86 to $.92. Extreme top $.94 consigned by Steven Martin, Thorp. Sold 140 cull cows. Bulk of good market cows $.56 to $.64 with several up to $.66. Holstein market bulls$.75 to $.84/lb. Fancy 1300 lb dairy bull $1,450. Hay sold steady to higher today. Dairy quality 3x4x8 alfalfa up to $150/bale. Grass rounds $35 to $70 per bale. We sold cattle for 113 consignors today. Thanks again so much for trusting us to market your cattle!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-19-2020

Considering how we're in unprecedented situation with the Coronavirus, I felt we had a very good sale! Most of the markets could called nearly steady with last week. Good quality Dairy cows $1,300 to $1,600. Extreme top today $1,800, consigned by Nolan Garman of Colby. Good springing Holstein heifers mostly $800 to $1,100. Top $1,225 on a short run today. Open heifers $.60 to $.75 per pound, again on a small test. Holstein heifer calves $20 to $50 per head. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.82 to $.88, Beef steers $.92 to $.99/lb. Holstein feeder steers $.71 to $.82. Holstein bull calves mostly $35 to $ 85 per head. Top $110. Beef cross up to $180 per head. Cull cows were a little lower than last week . 32% of cows sold between $.56 and $.64 with another 47% from $.46 to $.5550. We didn't have any high yielding bulls today, but what we did have sold $.62 to $.7350. Hay market was steady to lower. 3x4x8 Western alfalfa $150 to $155/bale. Large round second crop grass, stored inside, $55 to $65 per bale. Good Quality baleage $35 to $50, top $80. Rounds 1st crop stored outside, $25 to $35. Rounds corn stalks $10 to $40 according to quality. 3x4x8 wheat straw $95 per bale. Again, you have no idea how much we appreciate your trust in doing business with us!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-12-2020

Heres the combined market report for Thursday March 5th and March 12th auctions. Somehow I don't get why Coronavirus should make milk prices lower. Surely it didn't kill that many people and the rest still have to eat. Better dairy cows $1,400 to $2,000 with an extreme top of $2,800. Many decent quality cows $950 to $1,300. Top Jerseys up to $1,400. High quality herd dispersal springing heifers $1,200 to $1,475. Other quality springing heifers $850 to $1,150. Small, plain, or blemished springers sharply lower. Open Holstein heifers $.65 to $.80 per pound. Good Holstein heifer calves $30 to $50 with several $85 to $95 per head. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $30 to $70 per head couple up to $100. Beef cross calves up to $185. Sold 155 head feeder cattle. Holstein steers mostly $.64 to $.85 per pound with a few Fleckvieh cross up to $1.06. Beef cross steers up to $1.2750. Jersey & Jersey cross steers $.42 to $.60 per pound. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.87 to $.9350. Market bulls $.76 to $.82. 66% of Market cows $.53 to $.67 several up to $.70.

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-05-20

Another nice size crowd and a fairly active market. Even with milk futures dropping quite a bit lately the overall attitude of the crowd, at least in our barn, seems fairly positive. Sold 160 cows today. Many good cows from $1,350 to $1,975. Extreme top was $2,800. Plain, small, and some late lactation cows $750 to $1,100. We sold 94 heifers today. Open Holstein heifers mostly from $.62 to $.82/ lb. Average quality springing heifers $875 to $1,100. High quality Holstein springers out of herd dispersal $1,200 to $1,475. Choice Holstein steers $.86 to $.93. Extreme top $.9350. Holstein feeder steers $.70 to $.84. Holstein bull calves $25 to $85, crossbred calves up to $185 per head. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $30 to $80 per head. Cull cow market was steady. 53% of the cows sold from $.50 to $.6350. Extreme top $.70. Hay market was steady with last week. Top dairy hay up to $110 per bale. Round bales grass $30 to $60 per bale. Straw up to $65, corn stalks mostly $30- $47.50


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