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JWO Notes and Market Report for 10/15/20

What sense does it make to say we love capitalism and yet the minute there is 'free' government money available we push and shove and squeal like socialist hogs at the trough to be sure we get ours?! (can you say PPP etc.)? We had another nice run of quality cows today. Better cows 1500 to 2250. Top 2250, 2150, 2000 Willard Brubacker, Edgar. Many respectable smaller or late lactation cows 900-1450. Fancy springing Holstein heifers 1300-1625. Top 1800. Plainer heifers 1100 and down. Open heifers 75-1.05 per lb. Single birth heifer calves 25-65 per head. Holstein breeding bulls up to 1350 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 145-225 per head. Choice and prime Holstein steers heifers 90-96. Select 85-89. Low grade and under finished 83 and down. 20% of market cows sold 56-63.50. 50% sold 48-55. Third and fourth crop grass and alfalfa large squares 70 - 80 dollars a bale. Second crop grass 40 - 55. First crop round bales bales grass 25 - 35. Oat straw 22 - 30. Bean stalks 25 - 30. Small squares grass 3 - $4 per bale. We will have a semi load of fancy Canadian wheat straw for next weeks sale!! Thank you for participating in our auctions!! Be careful out there during harvest.

Market Report and JWO Notes For 10/8/20

A recent Saturday poll of yard signs had Biden running 3rd locally. Behind Trump and Garage sales! Sold 609 head today on our special dairy and feeder sale. Better dairy cows again $1500 to $2100. Also many decent cows 950 to 1450. Top $2100 Robert See, Athens. Springing heifers 1200-1600. Open Holstein heifers 72 to 90 cents a pound. Holstein heifer calve 25 to 70 dollars per head. Beef feeder steers up to 1.61 /lb. Most Holsteins 87 to 1.14/ lb. Bred beef cows 850 to 1150. Market bulls 75-86. We sold 79 fat cattle with 75% selling from 92 to 96 cents/ lb. Sold 77 market cows. 35% sold 55 to 61. Top 63.50. Better quality hay sold higher. 3rd and 4th crop large squares grass and alfalfa 75 to 87.50 per bale. Round bales 2nd crop grass 45-65. First crop rounds 27.50 to 35 per bale. Soybean stubble $35. Small squares grass 3.50 per bale. Once again, a big THANK YOU from all of us for choosing to do business here!!

JWO Notes and 10/1/20 Market Report

Overheard on school van. We have a spelling test today and all the words are at least 10 letters long and nobody even has any idea how to pronounce them! There's just no point in all that! Thought to myself, some things just never change. Standing room only crowd, nearly 120 bidding numbers out and 83 individual buyers. As usual, Quality Sells!! Top fresh cows 1800 to 2600. Extreme top 2900 consigned by Tom Utecht, Fremont. Dry cows up to 2200. 114 dairy cows, including 9 blemished cows, averaged $1488. Sold 173 heifers on a stronger market. Number one springers 1300 to 1675. Extreme top bred heifer 2300 consigned by Jared Stillman, Arpin. Open Holstein heifers .75 to 1.10 per lb depending on quality. Registered heifers up to 1.65 per pound. Holstein heifer calves 25 to $75 per head. Average quality breeding bulls 850 to 1300. Choice Holstein steers .90-.96. Holstein bull calves lower, mostly 65 to 120 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 135 to $190 per head. Market cows lower. Sold 80 head with 80% selling .46 to .59. Top .61. Hay prices steady. Lots of excellent quality today! Small squares grass/alfalfa mix 3.50 to 4.50 per bale. Rounds bean stubble 37.50. First crop rounds grass 30 to 40 per bale. 3rd crop mix rounds and squares 50 to $75 per bale. Top load 77.50 consigned by Jeff Severson, Osseo. A special Thank You to our buyer crowd for the active and generous bidding on items donated and sold for Stillman cancer benefit!! Cheese boxes brought $400 each and large flower planters $200 a piece. With a nice framed picture $225. Also sold completely out of the donated cheese curds at the food stand. Thanks again to all of you for choosing to do business here!!

JWO Notes and Market Report 9/24/20

If my children kept bickering the way the political parties do I'd want to take both of them to the woodshed. And no, I don't care who started it you both know better! Dairy cow market steady with buyers still very selective on quality. Top fresh cows 1600 to $2200. Many decent quality cows 1050 to $1400. Top 2200, 2150 Nolan Garman, Colby. No real test on heifers today. Expecting 250 heifers next week! Holstein breeding 875 to 1075. Beef bulls up to 1450 with market bulls up to $0.89. Choice Holstein steers and heifers 92-99. Top 99.75 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Holstein feeder steers 94-1.06. 6 head 828 lbs @ 1.01.  477 lbs @ 1.06. Crossbred steers 588 lbs @ 1.39. Good Holstein bull calves mostly 90-130 per head. Crossbred bull and heifer calves 145-220 per head. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 60-70 per head. 10% of market cows 65-67.50. Another 50% of cows 50-62. Hay market stronger today. Round bales oat straw $25. First crop round bales grass 30-$40/bale. Third and fourth crop grass alfalfa mix rounds and squares 60-75. Top large square grass $80 cosigned by Virgil Martin, Athens. Large Runs of cattle and hay coming the next several weeks, hope to see you all there!!

JWO Notes and Market Report for 9/10/20

Apparently we have it backwards. We rejoice when a child is born and sorrow when people die. A very wise man said, the day of death is better than the day of one's birth. We sold 487 head today for 128 consignors. Very active market over all with good buyer support. Continued strong market on better dairy cows. Many good fresh cows 1400 to $1900. Top, $2050 consigned by Matthew Z Martin, Loyal. Light test on heifers. Bred heifers mostly 900 to $1050, open heifers 70 to 90 cents per lb. Single birth heifer calves 30 to $75 per head. Holstein breeding bulls 700 to $1300 per head. Top Angus 945 lbs at $1400. Market bulls .77 to .88. Sold 44 beef cows today. Pairs 1100 to $1675. Bred cows 1000 to $1200. Older, small and dairy cross cows lower. Holstein feeder steers representative sales; 238 lbs @ $1.20.   403 lbs $1.11   458 lbs @ $1.09   612 lbs @ .96     726 lbs @ .95     812 lbs @ .94     1038 lbs @.92    667 lbs @ .88     1190 lbs @ .86   1197 lbs @ .78  Crossbred feeder steers 420 lbs @ 1.34   535 lbs @ 1.28  645 lbs @ 1.14    Heifers   390 lbs @ 1.22     625 lbs @ 1.13     671 lbs @ 1.06      745 lbs @ .93 Fat Holstein steeers mostly 86 to .93, top .96 Stephen High, Neillsville. Fleckvieh cross steers up to .97. Good Holstein bull calves 80 to $130 per head. Beef cross calves 165 to $230. 25% of market cows sold from 55 to 65 cents, top 67. 35% sold 50 to 54.50. First crop rounds grass 30- $35. Second crop grass mix rounds and squares $40 to $62.50. Nice 3rd cutting grass alfalfa mix 70 to $75. Fancy 2nd crop small squares $3.50. Rounds straw $30. All hay sold per bale. Thank you for choosing to do business with us!!

JWO Notes and 9/3/20 Market Report

I don't know if it's possible to have nicer weather than we've had most of this year as far as crop production goes. Blessings on your harvest season. Once again we saw how much difference quality makes in prices and we sure had a lot of quality cattle today!! Better dairy cows 1500 to $1950. Extreme top $2600 consigned by Jared Stillman, Vesper,WI. Mid-grade or later lactation cows 1100 to $1450. Main run of good springing heifers 1200 to $1350. Several 3 months bred, Registered heifers from the Stillman herd sold from 1600 to $1900!! Open holstein heifers mostly .85 to 1.10 per lb. Holstein heifer calves 25 -$65 per hd. Had several highlight registered calves. Registered 280 lb milking Shorthorn calf sold for $675 and registered 455lb Swiss heifer brought $1475!! Had 8 breeding bulls selling from 800 to $1200 per head. The better bulls brought from .95 to $1.40 per lb. Market bulls up to 83.50 per lb. Choice Holstein steers and heifers a little lower today. Mostly 88 to 93 cents. Holstein feeder steers 99 to1.1750. Crossbred feeders 1.11 to 1.17. Black steers 840 pounds 1.13 and 705lb 1.17. Sold 75 calves today, good Holstein bull calves 80 to $115 per head. Angus cross bull and heifer calves 160 to $230 per head. Market cows a little lower going into the holiday weekend. Top 305 sold 58 to 67.50. Hay market steady. First crop squares and rounds grass 27.50 to $35. Second crop grass50 to 67.50. 3x4x7 oat straw $50. Small squares second crop grass $4. All hay is sold by the bale. Thanks again all buyers and sellers we really appreciate your support!!

JWO Notes and 8/27/20 Market Report

In the last 2 days I was dealing with 2 people that each had 2 boats and were having trouble making ends meet financially. Hmm.... Very strong market on good dairy cattle again today. Many cows 1500 to $2000. Top fresh cow $2200 consigned by Andy Hershberger, Westby. Dry cows up to $1800. Mid-grade springing heifers 1000 to $1300. Open Holstein heifers 75 to 95 cents per pound. Holstein heifer calves 25 to $75 per head. No test on bulls today. Choice and prime Holstein steers and heifers 91 to 96.50. Individual Holstein ,1640 lbs @ $0.99 consigned by Stephen High, Neillsville. Holstein feeder steers .91 to 1.07. Good Hol bull calves mostly 85 to $125 per head. Beef cross bull and hfr calves 165 to $245 per head. Nearly 100 butcher cows. 33% sold from 60 to 67.50 with 33% selling 51 to 59.50. Better hay sold a little higher today. First crop rounds and squares 25 to $40. Second crop 55 to $70. Round bales straw $40. Small squares 2nd crop grass $3.75. All hay sold by the bale. Thanks again all buyers and sellers for your support!!

JWO Notes and 8/20/20 Market Report

In patience possess ye your souls. Luke 21:19 Had a nice run of high quality cows today. They consistently brought 1400 to $2000. The two top cows were consigned by Nolan Garman, Colby, 2000 and 1925. Mark Martin, Unity also had a cow at 1925. Springing heifers were a little stronger. Mostly 1000 to $1300. Open hfrs mostly 70 to 95 cents a lb. Single birth hfr calves 25 to $75 dollars per head. We had 10 breeding bulls today selling from 700 to 1475. Top bull weighed 1015 @ 1475 consigned by Marlin Zeiset, Thorp. Choice and prime Hol steers 88.50 to 92. Beef cross steers up to 100.50. Holstein feeder steers 90 to 1.16. Good hol bull calves mostly 80 to 125 per head. Beef cross bull and hfr calves 165 to $225 per head. 30% of Market cows sold 62 to 68.50. Another 50% sold 51 to 61.50. First crop large square bales 30 to $40 , second crop up to $67.50 per bale. Thanks for all your support, we really appreciate it!!

JWO Notes and 8-13-2020 Market Report

People practically always guess me to be older than i am. Maybe it's from the stumble-bum way I walk from my Parkinson's or maybe people are generally just bad at guessing age. Either way I find it amusing ...till the other day a 90 year old thought I must be close his age!   Pretty much the same story again, Quality is everything! No extreme top Holstein cows today, bulk of the good cows brought 1100 to 1500. Sold 30 Jersey cows today with the better cows selling 1200 to 1600. Extreme top $2300 consigned by GM Sandhill Jerseys, Unity.   Mid grade Holstein springers 950 to 1250. Open Hol hfrs 70 to 90 cents a lb. Holstein hfr calves 60 to $65 per head. Holstein breeding bulls up to $1400. 2 Angus breeding bulls 1200 lbs at $1675 ea. Sold 70 market cows. 25% of the cows sold 61 -66.50, 50% sold 52.50 to 60.50. Hay market was steady. Second crop large squares grass mix up to 67.50. First crop grass 30 to $40. Round and square straw 35 to $45 per bale. Have a great week! Hope to do business with you again soon!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 8-7-2020

I can't wait til random people come up to me and start talking about what they read in thier Bible today instead of exposing their political bent view on mask mandates. Had a shorter run of top-end Dairy cows but market consistent with the last few weeks. Many decent cows selling $1,100-$1,600. Average quality springing heifers $950 to $1,250. Small or plain heifers discounted. Fancy open Holstein heifers up to $.90/lb on 860lbs. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $35 to $85 per head. Holstein breeding bulls $850 to $950 top $1,100 on 875 lbs. Top Angus breeding bull 1130 lbs @ $1,700. Holstein market bulls $.80-$.9225. We sold 82 head of fat cattle on a strong and steady market. Choice & Prime Holstein steers & heifers $.88to $.9575. Top $.96 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $65-$110/head. Top $125. Beef cross bull & heifer calves $140-$240. Holstein feeder steers $.90- $1.15. Market cows a little lower than last Thursday. 40% of cows sold $.60-$.6950. 37% sold from $.50-$.5950. Haymarket steady. Large rounds grass $40 to $50/bale. Large squares 2nd crop grass mix $50 to $67.50/bale. Grass squares first crop $35. Rounds straw $42.50. Thanks for choosing to do business with us!

JWO Notes & Market Report 7-30-20

Had about 800 miles on 4 brand new tires when one of them blew on I-65 north of Indianapolis. Not the best time to find out the spare is nearly flat too... Beautiful haying weather and a smaller crowd today but market was steady to stronger on all classes. Better Dairy cows $1,600 to $2,000. Extreme top $2,250. Many good cows sold from $1,100 to $1,575. Plain or blemished cows $900 and down. Jersey cows up to $1,200. No top fancy Springers today. Common Holstein springers $950 to $1,200. Open heifers mostly $.75 to $1.05/pound. Single birth heifer calves $25 to $75 per head. Fancy 1175 lb Holstein jumper bull $1075. Market bulls $.91 to $.94/lb. Choice & Prime Holstein steers & heifers $.88 to $.94. Extreme top $.9625 Mahlon Yoder, Loyal. Holstein feeder steers $.88 to $1.15 with crossbreds up to $1.24. Holstein bull calves mostly $60 to $110/head. Top $120. Beef cross bull & heifer calves $160 to $220/head. Top 185 lbs @ $350/head. 33% of Market cows sold $.62 to $.75 with 35% from $.56 to $.61. Top Holstein market cows 1590 lbs @ $.75 Consignment, Thorp. 1385 lbs @ $.75 Steven Hoover, Neillsville. 3x3x7 Grass/Clover 2nd crop $50-$65/bale. First crop grass $30-$40/bale. 3x3x7 nice roto cut wheat straw $45/bale. Yes, we really DO appreciate your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 7-23-20

Saw a Church sign I liked. Shelter in Faith. Dairy cattle market was steady with the last few weeks. Top fresh cows again $1,500-$2000. Many respectable cows $100-$1,450. Plain & blemished cows lower. Very much a buyer's market on springing heifers, $850- $1,100. Open heifers $.65 to $1.06/lb. Holstein heifer calves $25 to $55 per head. Very active feeder cattle market today on Holstens. 12 head 360lbs @$1.14. 10 head 425 lbs @ $1.14. 8 hd 655 lbs @ $1.01. 6 hd 662 lbs $1.00. 933 lbs @ $.93. Holstein bull calves mostly $65 to $115/head. Top $125. Crossbred bull & heifer calves $150 to $230 per head. Holstein breeding bulls up to $1,150 per head. Market bulls up to $.85/lb. Choice Holstein steers $.88 to $.9250. Crossbreds up to $.9425. 30% of Market cows sold $.56 to $.66. 40% sold $.46 to $.5550. 3x3x7 2nd crop grass $50 to $60/bale. Alfalfa grass mix up to $67.50. First crop grass rounds $35 to $45/bale. Thanks for your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 7-16-2020

Yesterday I was at a place and a person there took the liberty to tell me I should have a mask on. I didn't say anything one way or the other, but I wondered how it would have went over if I told them what I thought of how they were dressed?! Sold 139 Dairy cows. Continued strength on better cows but still very selective on quality. Top $2,000 Nolan Garman, Colby. Good fresh cows $1,600 to 2,000. Many good quality mid and late lactation and dry cows $1,150 to $1,550. Plain or blemished cows lower. Springing heifers $1000-$1,250. Open holstein heifers $.70 - $.95/lb. Holstein heifer calves $50-$85/head. Registered Guernsey heifer dispersal, open heifers $1.35 to $2.85/lb. Top opens 350 lbs @ $1000 per head. Springing Guernsey heifer $1,600. Breeding bulls up to $1,125/head. Market bulls up to $.8650/lb. Market cattle lower today. Sold 75 head cows, and 64 head fats. Choice Holstein steers $.84-.8925. Crossbreds up to $.9475. Holstein feeder steers $.87 to $1.01. Good Holstein bull calves $85 - $140/head. Crossbred bull & heifer calves $150 - $250/head. Top $225. Hay market was steady with grass hay $50 to $55 per bale. Alfalfa mix $67.50/bale. Had a large crowd again today, and as always, we really appreciate every one of you, buyers and sellers!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 7-09-2020

We're having a trade war with the Chinese? According to reports we spent a billion dollars on fireworks this year, mostly coming from China. That'll teach'em we're serious about this! Dairy cows sold lower today. Many good quality cows $1,250 to $1,600. top cow of the day was a 2 year old Registered Jersey @ $1,900 consigned by Brandon Stensen, Augusta.  Medium quality springing heifers mostly $100 to $1,200. No test on open heifers today. Good quality single birth Holstein heifer calves $55 to $100 per head. High Choice & Prime Holstein steers sold higher today. $.88-$.9375. Select & choice steers and heifers $.8250-$.8750. Holstein feeder steers $.83-$1.0650. Good Holstein bull calves $80 - $145/ head. Beef cross bull & heifer calves $180-$200/head. 33% of market cows sold $.60-$.6950. Top $.7050. 45% sold $.52-$.5975. Pouring down rain during our hay sale today. Hay sold lower. First crop grass, rounds & squares $35 to $52.50/ bale. Thanks again for your business, hope to see you next week!!

JWO notes & Market Report 7-02-2020

Someone said, it's not the heat it's the humidity. Whatever it is, it sure makes the sweat roll by the by the buckets full and corn grow gangbusters! Continued trend of good fresh cows selling very well, $1,500- $2,000. Top cows today $2000 Ralph Peterscheim, Viroqua. $1,950 Matt Hartwig, Edgar. Good mid lactation and smaller cows $1,100 to $1,475. Medium grade springing heifers $900 to $1,300 Open Holstein heifers$.65 to $.85 per pound. Holstein heifer calves $40 to $80 per head. Top Holstein breeding bull 1035 lbs, $1,500. Common breeding bulls $650 to $1,000. Choice Holstein steers $.85 to $.8750. Top $.9025 Stephen High, Neillesville. Market bulls up to $.8450. Very competitive calf market. Most good Holstein bull calves sold from $90 to $140 per head. Good, 80-110 lb, beef croos bull calves $200-$250/hd. Top $255 Logan Vieth, Westby. Market cows held up very well 2 days before the Holiday weekend. 44% of cows sold from $.55 to $.66 per Pound. 33% sold from $.44 to $.54. 3x3x7 1st crop grass $55 to $70 per bale. 1st crop grass small squares $1.50 to $2.00 per bale. Thank You all Buyers and Sellers!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 6-25-20

I'm sure it's none of my business, but when I see an individual driving down the road, in vehicle by themselves, still dutifully wearing a mask, I wonder what their thought process is. Top Dairy cows $1,600-$1,900 today with many good cows $1,100-$1,500. Springing Holstein heifers $1,050 to $1,300 with a top of $1,425. Open heifers mostly $.70 to $.95 per pound. Holstein heifer calves $20 to $95 per head. Holstein bull calves mostly $90 to $130 per head. Beef cross bull & heifer calves $180 to $245 per head. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.84 to $1.16/lb. Feeder bulls $.79 to $.9650. Bred beef cows up to $1,050, breeding bulls up to $2000. Choice Holstein steers $.83 to $.88. Individual Holstein up to $.9075. Market bulls up to $.79. 40% of market cows $.62 to $.72. Individual top $.7550. Round bales grass hay $20 to $40 per bale. 3x3x7 Dairy quality alfalfa $82.50/bale. Thanks so much for your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 6-18-2020

Here we are at the longest day of the year already. Bought a rolling chicken coop at an auction, 350 bucks. The chickens better really lay eggs now! A large crowd and very active market. Good dairy cows were once again higher. Top cows $2,100, 2000, Lavon & Sarah Martin, Spencer. $2000 Swiss cross James Weaver, Colby. $1,900 William McCluskey, Glenwood City. Top Swiss cow $1,700 Kyle Schmitt, Cadott. Top cows $1,500 to $2,100. Good cows $1,150 to $1,450. Springing heifers mostly $850 to $1,200. Open heifers $.80 to $.90/lb. Single birth Holstein heifer calves mostly $50 to $90 per head. 85% of good Holstein bull calves sold $70 to $120 per head. Top $125. Crossbred bull & heifer calves $150 to $210/head. Holstein breeding bull 1295 lbs @ $1,400. Slaughter bulls up to $.79. Choice Holstein steers and heifers $.83 to $.88 with Dairy crosses up to $.96. Select and overweight steers $.75 to $.8250. 50% of market cows sold $.59 to $.6950. Top Holstein $.73. Hay market was lower with more new crop hay coming in. Grass rounds and squares $40 to $50 per bale. 3x3x7 dairy quality $77.50 per bale. Thanks for your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 6-11-20

Another week of excellent growing weather. Corn is looking good and quite a bit of top quality hay came off this week. 378 head consigned today. Very good run of better quality cows with a continued firm undertone on quality. Many good cows $1,400-$1,600, extreme top $1,900 consigned by Joe Stransky, Owatonna MN. Mid lactation or smaller cows $850 to $1,200. Holstein springing heifers $850 to $1,100, top $1,250. Open heifers mostly $.65 to $.85 per pound. Smaller and lower quality heifers discounted. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $30 to $65 per head. Good Holstein breeding bulls $800 to $1,100 per head. Hereford and Char pairs $1,200 to $1,300. Up to $1.38 per pound. Feeder cattle market very active! Good Holstein steers mostly $.83 to $1.03/lb. Crossbred  738 lb heifers $1.14. Holstein bull calves mostly $70 to $125 per head, beef cross up to $200. Sold 79 head fat cattle today. Choice Holstein steers $.81 to $.87. Top $.8775. Crossbreds up to $.98. Select Holstein steers and heifers $.75 to $.81. 33% of Market cows sold $.57 to $.68. 33% sold $.50 to $.5650. Holstein Market bulls up to $.7650. Short run hay today. 3x3x7 new crop grass mix $65 per bale. Large round second crop grass $72.50/bale. Thanks for your patronage! We REALLY appreciate it!

JWO Notes & Market Report 6-04-2020

Someone help me connect these dots. A big city police officer two states away, by all appearances, killed a man. So to even the score we should go out and loot and burn the neighborhood Mom-n-Pop corner store? Really!? Millk futures and cheese prices march higher. It's shaping up exactly like the experts predicted 6 weeks ago, no? Perfect haying weather and a smaller crowd today. Better cows sold very well. $1,400 to $1,800 with a top of $2,100 consigned by Nolan Metzger, Wonewoc. Many respectable $850 to $1,250. Springing Holstein heifers $900 to $1,200 per head. Open heifers mostly $.75 to $.85/lb Single birth heifer calves $35 to $150/head. Good Holstein bull calves $85 to $155 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $150 to $235 per head. Holstein $.85 to $.93/lb. Cull cows mostly $.48 to $.60. 50 lb feeder lambs $1.85 per pound.3x4x8 alfalfa $125 to $135/bale. Grass rounds $35 to $70 per bale. Thanks again for your support!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 5-28-2020

The other day I got a check from the United States Treasury for $3,566.15. The memo said Economic Impact Payment. They must have a crazy good formula if they nailed my economic situation right down to the last $0.15! We sold 336 head for 110 consignors. 72 registered bidders. Dairy cows sold higher today. It's still all about quality!! Extreme top was $1,800 on a Jersey cross from Rueben Miller, Cashton. Second highest @ $1,700 Jersey cow from Burr Oak Dairy, Bloomfield IA. 50 cow consignment of fancy crossbreds from Burr Oak dairy averaged $1,145/hd or $116.90/cwt. Good springing Holstein heifers $1,000 to $1,200. Very few opens today but we'll have a nice selection next Thursday on the Special Heifer Sale. Single birth Holstein heifer calves mostly $15 to $65 today. Holstein bull calves sharply higher. 75% of calves $100 to $150 each. Crossbred heifer and bull calves $165 to $185. Holstein breeding bulls mostly $900 to $1,200. Jersey breeding bull $1000. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.75 to $.82. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.88-$.94/lb, with crossbreds up to $1.45. Market bulls $.75 to $.8550. Market cows lower 67% sold from $.40 to $.49. Top $.53. Dairy quality alfalfa 3x4x8 up to $155 per bale. Rounds & squares grass $60- $75. 3x3x7 2nd crop grass up to $100/bale. As always, Thank You for your support!!  

JWO Notes & Market Report May 19th, 2020

My 11 yr old son Elvin is a big fan of bird watching. He has a variety of bird feeders outside our window and it's interesting to see what all shows up. Hummingbirds, Baltimore Orioles, Orchard Orioles, Hairy Woodpecker, Purple Finch, Goldfinch, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Juncos. And the more common birds, Mourning doves, Red Wing blackbirds, and Sparrows. Plus greatly unwelcome Starlings. Had a little shorter run, not our regular sale date. Mostly medium or lower quality cows today. Lots of smaller crossbred cows mostly selling $700 to $1,200. Open Holstein heifers $.60 to $.75/lb. Holstein Dairy bulls $.70 to $.90/lb. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $50 to $105 per head. Top $110. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $20 to $85 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $120 to $180 per head. Choice Holstein sters and heifers a little lower, $.79 to $.8350. Choice beef steers $1.01 to $1.05. Most good market cows$.43 to $.55. 20% of cows $.38 and down. Good grass hay squares and rounds $65 to $85, Top $105 per bale. Large square alfalfa up to $105 per bale. As always, Thanks for your support!

JWO Notes & Market Report

Well that ended kinda quick. One day we're not allowed to do a lot of things, next day it's 100 MPH, wide open, go wherever you want, virus or no virus. Milk futures have been making a nice run upward which in turn put a little support in the dairy cow prices today. We sold 385 head for 110 consignors. 77 registered bidders. Better dairy cows 1300 to 1600. Many decent cows 850-1100. Springing Holstein heifers up to 950. Good open Holstein heifers 70 to 85 cents per lb. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 30 to $70 per head. Sold 153 feeder cattle on a steady to stronger market. Holstein steers 77-1.03. Beef cross steers and heifers $0.90- $1.42/lb. Holstein bull calves sold mostly 40-100 per head with beef cross bull and heifer calves 130 to $215 per head. Market cattle much higher today. Choice and Prime steers and heifers $82 to $90. Market bulls 75.50 to 88.50. 64% of market cows sold from 50 to 60. Sold 18 lots of hay. No dairy quality Alfalfa today. Large round and squares quality grass hay 70 to 82.50 per bale. 28 large round bales, supreme quality grass, 140 to 145 per bale. Lower quality hay 25 to $50 per bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 4-30-2020

Beautiful weather today! Yesterday I was in Minnesota and there was lots of field work being done there and it looked really fit. Dairy cow market a little stronger today but it's still a buyer's market overall. Many good dairy cows sold from $850 to $1,250 with top cows up to $1,400. Good Holstein springers $800 to $1000. No supreme close ups today. Open Holstein heifers mostly $.60 to $.75/pound. Single birth heifer calves $15 to $55 per head. Holstein bull calves mostly$60 to $95 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $120 to $185/ head. Holstein feeder steers $.75 to$.90 per pound. Beef cross feeders up to $1.25. Hay market continued strong. Dairy quality Western alfalfa 3x4x8 up to $150/bale, and fancy 4th crop 3x3x7 up to $120/bale. Good grass hay, rounds & squares $50 to $85 per bale. Baleage $25 to $60 pe bale. Small squares straw & grass hay $2.50 to $3.75/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 4-23-2020

Only 2 more weeks of home school and this term will be finished!! Very much a buyer's market today in the dairy cow division. Extreme top was $1,400 but you could buy a lot of good cows for $800 to $1,100. Good Holstein springers$800 to $1,100. Open heifers$.50 to $.85/lb. with a few up to $.95. Single birth heifer calves $15 to $45 per head. Sold 115 feeder cattle. Holstein steers mostl $.65 to $.90/lb. Again no test on fat cattle with producers in wait-and-see mode hoping packing plant issues and prices straighten out. Cull cow market continues to be unsettled averaging about a dime lower than last week. Most cows between $.38 and $.48 top $.4950. Hay prices continue strong. Several semi loads western alfalfa 3x4x8 all sold $145-$175/bale. Good grass hay rounds and 3x3x8 squares all sold $55 to $90/bale. Large square straw $50 to $60/bale. Small squares straw & grass $3 to $4.50/bale. We sure are glad for everyone of our consignors & buyers!!

JWO Notes & Market Report

The story is the same as it has been, quality makes the biggest difference! Lot of good cows selling from $1000 to $1,450 with top cows the last 2 weeks being from $1,500 to $1,800. Good quality springing heifers $950 to $1,200. High quality short-bred heifers were really a buyer's market today selling from $600 to $750 per head. Open heifers $.55 to $.70 per pound, and single birth  Holstein heifer calves $15 to $45 per head. We did not have any High choice Holstein steers today but the market is still in that $.73- $.77 range. Holstein feeders $.65 to $1.15/lb. Good quality Holstein bull calves mostly $35 to $95 per head with a few up to $105. Beef cross calves up to $220/head. Cull cows were considerable higher today. 45% sod from $.50 to $.57, with 55% from $.38 to $.4950. We sold 42 lots hay & straw. 3x4x8 western alfalfa $165/bale. Round & square grass hay $45 to $90/bale. Rounds & squares baleage $30 to $70/bale. Large squares straw up to $65. Bedding hay $20 to $30. Small squares Alfalfa grass $3.50 to $5.50/bale. One other thing that hasn't changed either, we are very very glad for every bit of your business!! If you can't make the sale, we do order buying as well.

JWO Notes & Market Report

Here's your market report for Thursday April 9th. Very variable weather today, anything from bright sunshine to blizzard snow condition! We had a very good selection of execellent quality cows today! Dairy cow price is still holding considerably well considering the uncertainties in the milk futures and cull cow market. Better quality cows sold from $1,200 to $1,800. Extreme top, $2,100 consigned by Jeremy Oberholtzer, Neillsville. Many good usable cows sold from $800 to $1,100. We didn't have a very good selection of heifers today. Average quality springers$700 to $1,100. Open heifers$.48 to $.65/lb Single birth Holstein heifer calves $15 to $50/head. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $30 to $85/head. Beef cross calves up to $135. Very active market and good selection on Holstein feeder steers! 32 head averaged 298 lbs @ $1.15, 406 lbs @ $.9750, 638 lbs @ $.9350, 802 lbs @ $.8150. Swiss market bull 1885 lbs @ $.7550. We recommended people hold on to their fat cattle till the market settles out a little, so we didn't have any market steers today. Hay sold higher today. Dairy quality 3x4x8 alfalfa $150/bale. 3x3x7 grass $60-$115. Large rounds grass mostly $40 to $75/bale. Large squares straw up to $65.

JWO Notes & Market Report

Here's your market report for Thursday April 2nd, 2020. The better end of the dairy cows brought$1,200 to $1,600 today with an extreme top of $1,700. Many respectable mid lactation or smaller cows $900 to $1,150. No real test on heifers today. Had over 300 heifers last week with better springers bringing $1,250 to $1,450 and opens $.70 to $.90/lb with a few groups over a dollar/lb. Good Holstein heifer calves $10 to $50 per head. Holstein bull calves mostly $30 to $80 per head. Top $95. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $120 to $200 per head. The slaughter markets are extremely unsettled the last 2 weeks. Slaughter steers and cull cows mostly 15 to 20 cents per pound lower than last week. Holstein steers $.70 to $.80/lb with cross breds up to $.8650. Good cull cows $.40 to $.47 cents. Market bulls $.75 to $.80/lb. Top dairy hay 3x4x8 $140/bale. 3x3x7 grass $55 to $90. First crop rounds grass $30 to $45/bale. Baleage $30 to $55. Thank You for your continued support as we work thru these challenging Markets!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-26-2020

Sold 715 head on a very active market! Many quality cows $1,300 to $1,575 with several $1,600 to $1,875. Small, plain, or blemished cows lower. Sold over 300 heifers on a strong market. Good quality springers $1,150 to $1,450. Open heifers mostly $.73 to $.85/lb. Several fancy groups of 500-600 lbs $.94 to $1.08/lb. Holstein heifer calves $35 to $160 per head. Holstein bull calves were higher, mostly $65 to $120 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $160 to $210. Choice Holstein steers and heifes $.86 to $.92. Extreme top $.94 consigned by Steven Martin, Thorp. Sold 140 cull cows. Bulk of good market cows $.56 to $.64 with several up to $.66. Holstein market bulls$.75 to $.84/lb. Fancy 1300 lb dairy bull $1,450. Hay sold steady to higher today. Dairy quality 3x4x8 alfalfa up to $150/bale. Grass rounds $35 to $70 per bale. We sold cattle for 113 consignors today. Thanks again so much for trusting us to market your cattle!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-19-2020

Considering how we're in unprecedented situation with the Coronavirus, I felt we had a very good sale! Most of the markets could called nearly steady with last week. Good quality Dairy cows $1,300 to $1,600. Extreme top today $1,800, consigned by Nolan Garman of Colby. Good springing Holstein heifers mostly $800 to $1,100. Top $1,225 on a short run today. Open heifers $.60 to $.75 per pound, again on a small test. Holstein heifer calves $20 to $50 per head. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.82 to $.88, Beef steers $.92 to $.99/lb. Holstein feeder steers $.71 to $.82. Holstein bull calves mostly $35 to $ 85 per head. Top $110. Beef cross up to $180 per head. Cull cows were a little lower than last week . 32% of cows sold between $.56 and $.64 with another 47% from $.46 to $.5550. We didn't have any high yielding bulls today, but what we did have sold $.62 to $.7350. Hay market was steady to lower. 3x4x8 Western alfalfa $150 to $155/bale. Large round second crop grass, stored inside, $55 to $65 per bale. Good Quality baleage $35 to $50, top $80. Rounds 1st crop stored outside, $25 to $35. Rounds corn stalks $10 to $40 according to quality. 3x4x8 wheat straw $95 per bale. Again, you have no idea how much we appreciate your trust in doing business with us!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-12-2020

Heres the combined market report for Thursday March 5th and March 12th auctions. Somehow I don't get why Coronavirus should make milk prices lower. Surely it didn't kill that many people and the rest still have to eat. Better dairy cows $1,400 to $2,000 with an extreme top of $2,800. Many decent quality cows $950 to $1,300. Top Jerseys up to $1,400. High quality herd dispersal springing heifers $1,200 to $1,475. Other quality springing heifers $850 to $1,150. Small, plain, or blemished springers sharply lower. Open Holstein heifers $.65 to $.80 per pound. Good Holstein heifer calves $30 to $50 with several $85 to $95 per head. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $30 to $70 per head couple up to $100. Beef cross calves up to $185. Sold 155 head feeder cattle. Holstein steers mostly $.64 to $.85 per pound with a few Fleckvieh cross up to $1.06. Beef cross steers up to $1.2750. Jersey & Jersey cross steers $.42 to $.60 per pound. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.87 to $.9350. Market bulls $.76 to $.82. 66% of Market cows $.53 to $.67 several up to $.70.

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-05-20

Another nice size crowd and a fairly active market. Even with milk futures dropping quite a bit lately the overall attitude of the crowd, at least in our barn, seems fairly positive. Sold 160 cows today. Many good cows from $1,350 to $1,975. Extreme top was $2,800. Plain, small, and some late lactation cows $750 to $1,100. We sold 94 heifers today. Open Holstein heifers mostly from $.62 to $.82/ lb. Average quality springing heifers $875 to $1,100. High quality Holstein springers out of herd dispersal $1,200 to $1,475. Choice Holstein steers $.86 to $.93. Extreme top $.9350. Holstein feeder steers $.70 to $.84. Holstein bull calves $25 to $85, crossbred calves up to $185 per head. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $30 to $80 per head. Cull cow market was steady. 53% of the cows sold from $.50 to $.6350. Extreme top $.70. Hay market was steady with last week. Top dairy hay up to $110 per bale. Round bales grass $30 to $60 per bale. Straw up to $65, corn stalks mostly $30- $47.50

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-03-2020

Here's the market report for our Tuesday March 3rd sale, Kronebusch Registered herd dispersal. We sold cattle to four states today. Again, repeat after me, IT's ALL ABOUT QUALITY!! Extreme top cow brought $3,450. That's not a typo, $3,450!! Top 60 averaged $1,736. Top 100 averaged $1,702. Top 225 averaged $1,472 Springing heifers sold extremely well with top of $1,525 and 30 head averaging $1,425. We sold 74 fat cattle today. Choice Holstein steers were mostly $.86 to $.92. Crossbred steers up to $1.07. Had a very active cull cow market! 25% of cows brought $.61 to $.6750 with another 50% from $.50 to $.60. As always, we really appreciate your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-2-2020

The boys got a new jump rope and with a little practice got up to 500-600 consecutive jumps. I discovered outta shape, 50 something, white males are majorly out of puff by the time they get to 45 jumps! Main run of Dairy cows $1,200 to $1,600. Many mid lactation bred back cows $900 to $1,200. Good springing heifers mostly $800 to $1,200. Open Holstein heifers $.60 to $.75/lb. Holstein heifer calves $30 to $55 per head. Holstein bull calves $40 to $95 per head. Holstein feeder steers $.65 to $.8750 cross breds up to $1.3250/lb. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.88 to $.94. Beef cross steers up to $1.05. Market cows were lower this week. 66% of cows sold $.47 to $.58 top $.60. Hay prices steady to stronger. Dairy quality baleage $45 to $70/bale. Extreme top dry alfalfa $120/bale. Corn stalks $35 to $42.50. Barley straw $50. Rounds grass $35 to $65. As always, we really appreciate your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 2-20-2020

We sold 81 dairy cows, very much a buyer's market today. Extreme top $1700 consigned by Willard Brubacker, Stratford. Many very good quality dairy cows sold from $900 to $1,300. Better springing heifers still mostly $900 to $1,200. Good open heifers $.55 to $.70 a pound. Feeder cattle were higher today. Holstein steers mostly $.70- $.85 @ pound, top 745 lbs @ $.87. Beef cross steers up to $1.27/ lb. Quality Holstein bull calves $40 to $125 per head, top $127.50. Holstein heifer calves $10 to $50 per head. Very competitive fat cattle market today! Many choice Holsteins $.91 to $.9525. Extreme top $.9675 consigned by Joe Zimmerman, Dorchester. Choice beef steers $1.10 -$1.13/lb. 50% of cull cows sold from $.55 to $.6950. Extreme top $.7050/lb. Hay market nearly steady with last week. Round bales grass $40-$60. Dairy quality baleage up to $85 with dairy quality dry hay up to $120/bale. Oat straw up to $90 per bale. Rounds corn stalks $30 to $50/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 2-13-2020

562 head consigned. Below-zero temps with a brutal wind chill. Still had 67 bidding numbers out and 49 individual buyers! Can't say enough good about our barn crew in making the sale run smooth and efficient even in less-than-ideal conditions. Also another big thank you to all our consigners and buyers! Dairy cows did not top quite as high but held in that 950 to 1300 range all day. Springing heifers mostly $850 to $1,200. Open heifers stronger, mostly $0.65 to $0.85. Package 10 head 745 lb @ .92. Hfr calves $10-30/hd. Feeder cattle market was stronger. Holstein steers $0.62 to $0.92. Beef steers up to $127.50. Holstein bull calves $50 to $90 per head. Choice Holstein steers topped @ 95.50 consigned by John Yoder, Spencer. Choice beef steers up to 110. Cull cows higher. 45% sold from 54 to 68.50, top Holstein cull cow 1875 lbs @ .70. Hay still trending lower. Round bales grass 35 to 60. Dairy quality 3 by 3 by 7 up to $120. Corn stalks 30to $50 per bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 2-6-2020

Gotta kinda like this weather for February in Wisconsin! 360 head consigned today. Same story as we've had lately, it's all about quality! Top dairy cows $2050, $1900 consigned by Nolan Garman, Colby. Also one other consigned cow at $2000. Many respectable milk cows still selling from that 900 to 1300. Springing heifers still very much a buyers market, mostly selling from 850 to 1200. Open heifers mostly sold $0.60 to $0.75 per pound. Holstein heifer calves $10 to $35 per head with one 90 pounder at $70. Good Holstein bull calves were a little higher, $40 to $90 per head. 15% sold from $100 to $110 per head. Beef cross calves up to $150/head. Top Holstein breeding bull, 940 lb, $1,485 consigned by Charles Nolt, Boyd. Good market bulls $0.65 to $0.77 per pound. Choice Holstein steers and heifers $0.87 to $0.95. Top $0.96 Herman Miller Jr., Spencer. Top dairy cross $106.00 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Six head black feeder heifers, 543 lb at $116.00. Market cows steady. 40% sold from 51 to 65.50. 45% from 40 to 50 cents. Our largest run of hay ever. Hay market a little lower. Top quality grass hay $55 to $75 per bale. Lower quality $30 to $60. Top dairy hay 3 by 3 by 4 $120. Wheat straw up to $65 per bale. Excellent quality corn stalks up to $55.

JWO Notes & Market Report 1-30-2020

Had a shorter run of dairy cows but still excellent quality! Definitely a little more of a buyers market today with very good cows selling from $1150 to $1600. Top cow $1950 consigned by Larry Brubaker Jr of Stratford. Springing heifers mostly sold from $850 to $1100. Good opens $.58 to $.70/lb. Holstein bull calves mostly $35 to $75 per head with a top of $100. Heifer calves $20 to $45. Market cows a little lower but still selling quite well. Bulk of good cows brought $.47 to $.60/lb. Top $.6650. Choice Holstein steers $.88 to $.95 with a top of 3 hd @ $.9575. We had more good colored fat steers than ever before and a very strong market! Choice steers $1.09 to $1.17 with a top of $1.1825. A consignment of 29 hd averaged 1365 lbs @ $1.1575. Market bulls brought $.84 to $.88/lb. Hay market steady. Rounds and squares grass $45-$90. Square bales dairy quality up to $135/bale. Rounds bean stubble $35, excellent quality corn stubble up to $52.50. If you have any marketing questions, never hesitate to call 715-255-9600!

JWO Notes & Market Report 1-23-2020

Had a snow day today but still had 345 head and a nice crowd. Jason Brubaker by Thorp had the top dairy cow at 2000 also R Green Acres, Pepin $2,000. A very nice run of drive ins today with good quality selling in that 13 to $1700 range. Plenty of late lactation and older cows that were still worth the money selling from 700 to 1100. Cull cows were sharply higher today on a very active market. Main run of cows 45 to 64 cents. With a top of 6650. Choice Holstein steers this week 88 to 96 cents. Good quality Holstein bull calves mostly 45 to $75 per head. Top 100. Hay market steady. Round bales grass 40 to $70 per bale. Extreme top 3+3+7 dairy hay $140 per bale and 3+4+8 at $170. Excellent quality corn stalks 4+5 rounds $55 per bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 1-16-2020

Another run of excellent quality dairy cows today. Market was steady with last week. 25% of dairy cows sold from $1550 to $1850. Another 25% sold from $1300 to $1500. No Supreme quality springers today. Most good springers sold from $850 to $1150. Open heifer market continues to show good strength with the bulk of heifers selling from 60 to 85 cents per pound. Lightweight heifers were lower today with 200lb Holsteins selling from $75 to $150 per head. Had our best run of fat steers ever! Over 85% of Holsteins sold from $.89 to $.9325 with extreme dairy cross at $1.09! Choice beef steers up to $1.15. 50% of market cows sold $.40 to $.59. Good Holstein bull calves mostly 40 to $85 per head.

Market Report & JWO Notes 1-9-2020

Nice winter weather. Shorter runs of dairy cows but still good quality! Top dairy cows 1500-1800. Dairy heifers again sharply higher most good opens .68 to $0.90. Extreme top package 808 lbs @ $745 each. Beef feeder steers up to 1.20/lb. 400 lb Holsteins 91.50 Choice hol strs up to 92.50. Dairy quality Alfalfa 3 by 4 by 8 175/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report

Well, we ended the year on a good note! Easily our best sale of the last 2 years. Was a jam packed standing room only crowd to the point some people really couldn't see what was going on in the ring which is always unfortunate, but as I told one fellow, just keep bidding, you can see what you got when you get her home!! I have a number of observations I'd like to share with you in here but they charge me so much a column inch for writing stuff. I don't begrudge the papers their living, but we're going to start doing my notes and market report a different way. It will be on our website or you can receive a direct email. We will also have a toll free number where you can call in and listen to the report. Top dairy cows; $2,700 LR Zimmerman, Greenwood. $2,400, $2,350 Moser, Westby. $2,300, $1,850 Sam Hershberger, Cashton. $2,200, $2,100, $2,000 Roger Books, Maiden Rock. $2,100 Colby. $2,100, $2,000, $2,000, $2,000, $1,900, $1,900, Kronebusch, Altura, MN. $2,000, $2,000 Norman Martin, Stanley. $1,850 Randall Martin, Withee.

JWO Notes & Market Report 12-19-2019

As always, the Bible is true. We are in... A land which the Lord thy God careth for: the eyes of the Lord thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year. Deuteronomy 11:12. We sold 487 head. 227 milk cows, 137 market cows plus hfrs, bulls, fdrs, fats and calves. Top consignment of 10 cows averaged $1,650. 52 free stall cows average $1,435. Had a good crowd and good Market throughout on quality cattle. Blemished cattle severely discounted. Hay market again lower. Extreme top Dairy quality $140 a bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 12-12-2019

Despite the snow and less than ideal roads, we still had a nice run of cattle and a good sized buying crowd. Over 70 people present and 48 individual buyers! Top quality cows continue to sell well. $2,100, $2,000, $1,900, $1,900, $1,800, $1,800, Davidson Herd, Hixton. $2,000, Ron Unseth, Genoa. $1,700, Michael Martin, Colby. $1,700, Sheldon Zimmerman, Unity. Many cows selling from $1000-1600. High cell count and long days in milk cows still heavily discounted. Beef feeder steers mostly $1.05 to $1.35. Holsteins mostly $.60 to $.85. Hay market was softer again this week. Most round bales grass sold for $45-75/ bale. Good grass squares up to $160/ bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 12-05-2019

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to do good to others! Continued strong demand on high quality cows with top cows every week lately $1,800 to $2,400. Good Jersey cows $1,100 to $1,300. Choice Holstein steers up to $.92. Good Holstein Bull calves up to $100. Hay prices lower overall this week but still $170/ bale on top quality grass squares. 38 lots of hay sold.

JWO Notes 11-28-2019

One of my many nieces got married Saturday. Not the nicest weather, but we had a good time together as most of my siblings from PA were also able to be there. The boys had a good week of deer hunting. I lost track of how many total, but they each got some which means there'll be some venison in my future, and I like that! We didn't have sale this week, but markets are definitely trending up on quality Dairy cattle. Most people I've talked with got over $20 a hundred for milk with some high testing Holstein herds up to $24. That just flat out makes the better cows we're selling worth more! As always, if you can't make the sale, we do order buying. Still taking consignments of top- end cows for our Holiday Select Sale on December 26th. Thank You for your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 11-21-2019

That letter I got about a relative in London with 9 million dollars was all just a scam. They wanted me to send them money. Well that didn't happen! If any one ever needs high quality, engineered, wood roof trusses, call Precision Truss 715-229-9191. Another week but the same story. It's all about quality! We are now taking Consignments for our third annual Holiday Select Sale, looks like we'll have our best group yet!! Top dairy cows this week 2400, 2400, 2200 Allen Weaver, Colby. 1900 Tom Kearn, Gays Mills. 1875 Heather Metzler, Viroqua. Many decent quality cows 700-1300. Had 24 lots of hay, firewood & bedding. 3+3+7 dairy quality grass and Alfalfa 120-150/ bale, top 180. Round bales first crop grass 65-85.

JWO Notes & Market Report 11-14-2019

Good luck and happy deer hunting! Just in case that doesn't work out, we can get you good meat in a very similar looking package for probably less money, here on the 5th. 418 head this week. Top dairy cows $1,725, $1,600 Vonhaden, Fall Creek. $1,675, Jacob Troyer, Cashton. $1,550 Menno Hershberger, Loyal. Quality Holstein feeder steers mostly $.70-.84. Choice Holstein steers $96.50, $96.00 John Yoder, Spencer. $95.00 Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. Dairy quality dry hay and baleage $120-150/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 11-05-2019

Then it got cold! Then we got 587 cattle on our Special Heifer Sale. Then, we made more pen space. Not quite the ideal order for things, but now it should go smoother for the next big sale. Sheldon Zimmerman, Unity sold 3 Fancy springers, $1,300-$1,325, but most springers $750-950. Top open heifers $.70/lb. Lots of light flesh, plain, opens coming off pasture $.38-.60/lb. Choice Holstein steers $88-95, top lot ave 1640 lbs @ $.96. 530 lb crossbred steers & heifers $1.10-1.24. Holstein bull calves up to $85/hd. Dairy quality grass & alfalfa hay $110-140/bale. Baleage up to $90.

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-31-2019

Well my lucky day! I got a letter in the mail stating a distant relative of mine in London died of cardiac arrest in 2009 and just now they tracked me down as the next of Kin. The poor old bloke left a cool 9.47 million in his account. All I need to do to claim it is sign to verify who I am. I will of course have to wire funds for closing costs and a few incidentals, but still!! Quality, Quality, Quality. It's all about Quality and we had quality in Spades today! Top Dairy cows 2250, 1750, 1700 Stanley Halligan, Athens. $2000, $1850 Keith Horning, Greenwood. $2000, $1850, $1800 Tony Knorn, Casco. $2000, $1800 Allard Meverdan, Wittenberg. $1900, $1900 Lamar Weaver, Unity. $1900 Leonard Ray Zimmerman, Greenwood. $1800 Levi Bieler, Boscobel. Top Market steer 1615 lbs @ $.94. Market cows considerable higher than last week. 2 top cows $.5825. Hay market continues strong. Large squares dairy quality hay $130- $150 a bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-24-2019

It's always something. Finally, got our parking lot enlarged. Now we really do need more pen space. Had 797 head consigned on our special feeder and dairy sale. Our largest sale to date by about 250 head! Thanks to our excellent barn and office crew  we got through it okay. Good buyer support throughout but very selective on quality. Holstein steers mostly $65-80. Beef steers 599 lbs @ $1.35. 668 lbs @ $1.29. 475 lbs @ $1.38. 900 lbs @ $1.18. As always, thanks for your support!! And don't forget, if you can't make the sale we do order buying.

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-10-2019

Another large run of Dairy cows with a large dispersal of 300 cows and one smaller dispersal. The highlight of the day being the Jersey and Jersey cross cows. Many of them selling for $1,100 to $1,400. Good quality Holstein cows up to $1650. Many decent cows selling from $850 to $1,100. Springing heifers up to $1,150. Cull cows slightly lower. Top $.6450. Sold 104 head cull cows. Appreciate everyones business and hope to see you next week at our large Special Feeder Sale!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-10-2019

Our family went to the Milwaukee Zoo on Saturday. Very interesting seeing the different animals. As always, the monkeys were the highlight of the day. Some of them looked so familiar... The free admission day was pretty good to! Lots of fieldwork going on and a smaller crowd, but markets were pretty much steady this week across the board. Open heifers were considerably higher. We have order buying available if you cant make it to the sale. Sure appreciate everybodys patronage!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 10 -03 19

...swear not at all... Matt 5:34. Dairy cows a little softer today. Top $1,500 Brian Zimmerman, Loyal. The calf market is such a fickle thing, but definitely stronger today. Good Holstein bull calves 30 to $70, heifer calves $50 -110. Sold 121 cull cows on a stronger market, top $67.50. Consignment 13 Holstein steers, Loyal, averaged 1478 lbs @ 92.00, top 94.75. Dairy quality 3+3+7 hay 135/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 09-26-2019

It felt like my foot is broken so I finally went to a foot Doctor. Podiatrist he called himself. He poked and prodded around at my foot and finally took an X-ray. Sure enough, my foot is broken. But he doesn't think that is where the pain is coming from. REALLY!!? Now him and I have what is called a difference of opinion. Milk prices are trending higher, which is a good thing. Good milk cows also higher than they were 2 months ago with tops consistently hitting $1700 to $1800 and a small percentage over the $2000 mark. Bulk of dairy cows still selling $850 to $1350. Good cull cows higher this week. 7 Limo cows averaged 1719 lbs @ 72.75 with a top of .74 consigned by Conrad Smith, Loyal. Top Holstein cow 1745 lbs @ .71 consigned by Doug Cox, Loyal. Top Holstein steers, 4 head averaged 1469 lbs @ 93.50 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Bring us your cattle and see the difference!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 9-19-2019

Here's an odd statistical quirk. I read that 95% of drivers rate themselves as better than average, that's nearly identical to the number of people that think their cattle are worth more! Top dairy cows this week, $1,725, Merle Ray Oberholtzer, Colby. $1,700, $1,700, $1,650, Alan Kolb, Blanchardville. Top springer $1,300. Cull cows up to $.6750. Choice Holstein steers 5 head @ $.9150. Large squares hay up to $150 @ bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 9-12-2019

Quality, Quality, Quality. Again, its all about Quality! We are so blessed to have good farmers consigning high quality cattle week after week. Also blessed to have discerning buyers, with integrity, patronizing our business. And a high quality, competent, workforce to make our operation run as smooth as possible. Top end Dairy cows this week, 2200, 2200, 2000, 1900, 1900, Tony Knorn, Casco WI. Good cows were steady to lower. Many cows sold from 800 to 1300. Holstein bull calves mostly 25 to 85 per head. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.65 to $.85 @ lb, top $.98. Beef yearlings $1.20 to $1.29 @ lb. Cull cows lower. Top $.6450. Good alfalfa hay 3+3+7 bales $135 a bale. Grass hay rounds & squares $55 to $95. Next Thursday we will have 24 bales Canadian alfalfa 2nd crop and 16 bales 3rd crop grass/alfalfa mix. Super, Super fancy hay good enough for sheep & goats!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 8-29-2019

So I'm probably biased, but I think I grill pretty serious pork chop. Yesterday I saw a guy eating one of them with ketchup and mustard on it. Now that just seems wrong! Save your ketchup and mustard for your ice cream and angel food cake but not on my good pork chops!! Quality, Quality, Quality, its all about Quality and we have it coming through our barn week after week. Sold 340 head to 57 buyers for 93 consignors. Well over a hundred people in attendance. Top dairy cows $1,950, $1,900, $1,750, $1,700, $1,700, $1,650, $1,600, $1,600, Sunset Farms, Allenton, WI. $1,875, $1,750 Jim Mlsna, Hillsboro, WI. $1,650, Dennis Anderson, Hager City, WI. $1,600, $1,600 Jonathon Shirk, Colby,WI. 26 cows sold over $1,500! Choice Holstein steers topped at $93.75 on 9 head from Mervin Hoover, Curtis, WI.

Market Report 9-05-2019

Remember Christians, ALL things work together for good and NOTHING can happen to you without God allowing it. More high quality cattle through our ring today. I got out of the prediction business a while ago, seeing I was so wrong for so long, but with all the heifers that have gone into feedlots and all the cows that are being bred to beef, it seems heifer prices just HAVE to turn around. Had our largest sale ever at Oberholtzer's this week with 560 head. Can't say enough of Thank Yous to all our consignors, buyers, barn help, office staff and truckers who help make this happen! Dairy cows mostly steady today, heifers still very much a buyer's market. Excellent quality dairy hay, $130-150/ bale

Market Report 8-15-2019

On Saturday our whole family went to a park for a picnic lunch. It included grilled steak, pork chops, and chicken breast besides all the fixings and other complementary foods. Yes, I ate more than I absolutely needed for sustenance, but I bet you would have too! After 3 weeks of selling dairy cows sharply higher we had a market correction this week. Extreme top cows still bring $1,500-1,800, this week $1,000-1,400 stopped most good cows. Had a shorter supply the last few weeks but I expect another flood of cattle coming on the market in the next 60 days. Choice Holstein steers topped at $93.25 on five head from John Yoder, Spencer. Please call with any marketing questions. We have order buying available. And same as always, we really appreciate your business more than you think!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 8-22-2019

Put on quite a few miles in several States the last two weeks. Sure saw a lot of good looking crops. These low 50s temperatures early mornings make a person think of Frost. Had 442 head consigned this week. Top selling Dairy cow was a registered, fresh 2 yr old Aftershock consigned by Muenster Homestead Farms, Seymour @ $1,550. Many good dairy cows selling from $900 to $1,300. Holstein feeder cattle were mostly $.70 to $.85, top fancy lightweights up to 1.05. Beef heifers 800 lbs @ $1.19. Choice Holstein steers up to $92.75 and dairy crosses up to $.9950. Top market cow 1940 lbs @ 75.50, second high was $.74, both consigned by Conrad Smith, Loyal. Conrad also had top bull, 2060 lbs @ $.8950. Yes, we do have a very competitive market! Also lower overall selling costs than some others.

Market Report 8-08-2019

Had more high quality cattle today again! Top Dairy cows $1850,1750 Alvin Martin, Unity. $1725, Michael Martin, Colby. Another nice run of good cows from $1200- 1500. Bull calves sold higher. Main run good Holstein bull calves $45 to $100. Top $125. Springing Holstein heifers mostly $850 to $1200. Open heifers 50 to 68 cents per pound. Choice Hol steers .90 to .9625, dairy cross up to $1.03. Nice run of Holstein feeder cattle mostly .75-.85 up to .95 on light weights. Continued good cull cow market. Thanks again for your continued support!!

Market Report 8-01-2019

Quality is Everything!! Market again sharply higher today on high quality dairy cows. Top cow was a fancy McCutchen out of a Gold Chip and fresh one day. Sold at $2,100. Consigned by Sam Hershberger, Cashton. Did I mention quality is everything?! Most good cows 950 to 1600. Good springing heifers 850-1300. Open heifers still very much a buyers market mostly .55-.85 a pound. Cull cows higher. Top 69.50 with many cows selling in mid 50s to upper 60s. Choice Holstein fed steers up to 93.25.

Market Report 07-25-2019

Shorter run on dairy cows today but we sure had quality! Overall market considerable stronger. Top cow $1,550 Levi Hershberger; Loyal. Many good cows from $900 to $1,400. Lower end cows were still discounted considerably. Had a very nice run of feeder cattle that sold quite well. We keep getting more feeders in and sure appreciate every one of them! Also had a beef cow/calf dispersal of Limosiune and Simmentals. Pairs sold from $1,200 to $1,500 with 120-250 lb calves at side. Holstein Feeders: 950 -1200 lb $.78 to $.85.  500-850 lb  $.76 to $.89. Lighter weights up to $1.02 @ lb. Fed Cattle: High Choice $.88 to $.92. Select $.8250 to .$88  Market cows: Mostly $.54 to $.60. Several cows $.62 to $.6950.  WANTED: More cull cows and Fed cattle! Thanks for your support have a GREAT weekend!!    


JWO NOTES & MARKET REPORT Went to my dad's estate sale in PA on Saturday. Perfect weather for an auction. Had several hundred people there and things sold well. Several keepsake items sold hundreds of dollars higher than the original cost! Continued buyer's market on good dairy cattle. Extreme top cows $1,500 to $1,800. Many good cows $800-1100. Cull cows mostly .48-.65. Holstein market steers up to $.88. Feeders mostly $65-94. Large squares grass $85-95/ bale


Got a nice compliment the other day. A cattle buyer that goes to a lot of sale barns was here and said he sure likes how our barn crew handles cattle. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!! Had a good week. 427 head from 91 consignors & 47 individual buyers. Top 2 cows again from Nolan and Ruth Metzger, $1,600 and $1,550. Good market cows mostly .47 to .60. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.70 to .95. Large squares up to $95 a bale.


Well that should move the needle a little on the cheese market. Ordered 120 pizzas for our June Dairy Month/Customer Appreciation deal and only had 7 or 8 leftover! Also served 27 gallons chocolate milk besides lots of ice cream. By the way, if you call the local pizza joint and say you want 120 pizzas, don't be surprised if they think your a crank caller! Sold 3 herd dispersals plus many high end consigned cows this week in a continued challenging market. Top cow 2400on an 86 pt Goldwynn from Welsh Edge Farm, Viroqua. Second high, 1950 on a Fever daughter from Magnuson Mini Acres, Neillsville. Bulk of good cows from 850-1450. Thanks again for your continued patronage!!


Took my "new for me" car in for service. My regular mechanic said it seems in great condition & for once it looks like I got a good deal on a vehicle! Bought it from Matthew 715-773-0500 Pine Ridge Auto Sales in Thorp. Be sure to tell him you read about it here! Definitly had a buyer's market again on dairy cows this week. Lots of decent cows sold from $800- 1,400. Extreme tops last 30days ranged from $1,600 to $2,500. Keep getting more and more good Holstein fats. 61% sold over $90/cwt this week! Top lots $95.25 John Yoder, Spencer and Steven Martin, Thorp. $95.00 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Top dairy cross, $109 Herman Miller Jr, Spencer. We have an excellent fat cattle and cull cow market!! Don't forget we have reasonable rate trucking available everywhere and lower total selling costs than most!


So you want to be elected to a high office? Here's the deal, and its really simple. Promise the people you will make the telemarketer/Robo/Scam, calls stop. Period. Forget about negotiating nuclear disbarment, fixing climate change, or building a big wall somewhere. JUST STOP THE ANNOYING CALLS!!! I'm fairly certain you'll get over 80% of the vote, with the exception being the 19.2% of the population that's making the calls! No, no thanks I don't want to be the Chief strategist of your Administration but I'd be more than happy to do the occasional freelance gig for you for a substantial fee.:)


Was well pleased how it turned out having a Friday sale. A shorter run with 194 head, but very good quality! Top dairy cow $1,800. Brian King, Edgar had 3 others at $1,600. Still selling many decent dairy cows $900-1,350 with blemished cows near cull price. Top cull cow $.65/lb. Dorcas Raber, Spencer had top choice/prime Holstein steers at $94. Several other consignors with Holstein steers at $89-92. Top dairy cross $106.50.


Had another larger than average sale this week. Ended up with 98 consignors. Top cows this week were from $1,400to $1,600. Many good cows selling 850 to 1350. Colored feeder strs topped at $1.30 on 650 pounders. Good Holstein Feeders weighing 450 - 750 brought $. 77- .92 @ lb. Fed Holstein strs up to $.90 consigned by Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. Hay sold strong again. Large squares alfalfa and grass $95 -$150. Rounds $85 to $125. Baleage up to $120 @ bale for rounds.


If you want to go from here to east central Michigan it would be nice if they had a bridge straight across the lake. I wonder who drew the property lines that the U.P. is part of Michigan instead of Wisconsin? And then they claim all that water as lake Michigan too!! It's always fascinating to me when I cross the Mackinac Bridge, how do they go about building something like that? On our way home on Sunday afternoon I was wearing my Sunday suit, had to smile a little when the guy collecting toll said, "that'll be 4 bucks Reverend"!! Guess he thought I look like the priest. I suppose there's worse things to be called! There was a lot of field work happening in MI. Most of it looked fit. Their hay fields looked much better than around here. What a welcome home... how did that cat get in the house!?!? We arrived home about 9:20 last night. Moved several sleeping from van to bed. Got other children settled relatively quickly and by 9:45 house is quiet. About 9:46 mom comes front the hall and not frame of mind and looking for a cat. She had discovered cat smell cat hair and cat droppings in our bedroom!! About the same time Elvin comes tearing out of his bedroom all excited because he heard baby kitties somewhere! Long story short we found a mother cat and a nest of kittens in the boys bedroom closet. Maybe here I can make a little spiritual analogy after all, as Christ is doing even now for us, the pleadings and interceding of four little boys on their behalf saved those cats from a great and certain Doom!


Went to a wedding in Snover, Michigan over the weekend. Had a nice time including crossing the Mackinac Bridge which is always interesting. As is the usual when they send cows in, Metzger's had the top two cows in the sale. $1,800 for a Cory daughter carrying a Solution heifer calf, and $1,700 for a Drew daughter milking 121 lbs!! Our reputation load from Cashton had a sweet, fresh Jersey at $1,700 consigned by Andy Hershberger. They always send us some of the better kind, many with bumper to bumper warranty on them! Cull cows again topped @ 70.50/cwt with many cows from .50- .68. We keep getting more hay to sell with continued very strong prices. And in case you don't know it, we REALLY appreciate all your past and future business!!!


Last week of school for the boys, picnic planned for Friday. That's always a high day of the year! I'm planning to grill chicken for dinner. It's been a number of years since I did that. I sure hope it turns out well! Had another near record number of animals with 483 head consigned. Sold a really nice herd of registered cows and heifers. Top $2500 with 3 cows over $2000. Many cows sold from $1600 to $1900. Springing heifers up to $1600 mostly from $ 900 to $1250. Registered open heifers mostly $.95 to $1.10 @ lb top $1.30 @ lb on 650 lb heifer. Grade opens mostly $.85 to $1.00 @lb. Cull cows mostly $.55 to $.63. Top $.70. Hay was higher again with more people seeing theres is frozen out. Large squares average quality alfalfa $130 a bale. Small squares first crop grass up to $6.75 a bale.


Well we once again made a new record head count for a day! 524 head consigned by some 1st time and many regular consignors. And we are so thankful for everyone you!! Cows were some higher with heifers selling on a much stronger market!! Lots of cows from $1200 to $1600, with several selling from $1600 to $1800. Top springer heifer $1400 with a lot in the $950 to $1250 range. Opens up to $1.12 @ lb. Majority selling from $.86 to $. 96 @ lb. Holstein cull cows up to $.66. Top Holstein bull calf 115 lb. $220.


I drove pretty far out of my way today to look at a 2011 Chevy Impala. It was priced about a thousand under all the similar ones so I called the man and inquired very diligently about the condition of the car and the history of the car. He gave me all the proper assurances and had a story that sounded logical even to someone as I, that is occasionally skeptical of whatever gets said. Alas and alack, my time, energy, gas, wear and tear on vehicle were all for naught. There were fair-sized blotches where the paint and silly putty didn't stay on, and bare metal, I should say rusted bare metal where evident. Aah, that's just Cosmetics thought I, not to worry about it. When I sat in I felt right at home as the seat was adjusted every which way except comfortable... apparently my sons have driven this last! The car started nicely & ran like I figured it should sound... no dash lights on, definitely a good sign. When I put it in gear and gave it a little gas nothing happened. Hmm... brake must be locked. Fiddled with that a couple times til I was sure it's not locked and still nothing happened. Gassed it a little harder and something let loose with a concerning grind & lurch. Got to the end of the driveway and quickly discerned the brakes leave a bit to be desired. Drove a couple miles all the time hearing a noise I didn't like. (think wheel bearings, brakes or all of the above here) Turned in a side street to gas it a little, brake hard, & try the reverse. Wouldn't you know it, instead of being just a side street, it was the entry to (and I'm not making this up) "Saggy Baggy & Tired Estates" bring your own home or move into one of ours, the ultimate in park living! Nothing newer than 1982 please. (Ok I did make some of that up) Anyway, said Impala purred like a kitten, and if I'm not mistaken sighed, "home sweet home." I did return to the dealership none the worse for the wear. When I pointed out some of the, what I considered deficiencies, in the car, the proprietor seemed neither surprised nor concerned. But as any good used car salesman would do, he started right in with, could I interest you in this white Buick Lucerne over here? I just got it in today and I mean to tell you this baby's got it all... I'm not sure what I should use as the main moral or take away of this story... hey why don't each one of you tell me what your main take away is? I mean besides the obvious, why are 53 year-old duffer's not well set enough to just buy a new a car??


Well the '06 Impala officially left me sit last week. The odometer shows 333,406 so I guess we got a fair amount of use out of it. I Officially don't like vehicle shopping. Always sure I'm going to get beat out of good, hard earned money. 3 herd dispersals this week on a little stronger market. Had a lot of excellent quality cows! Top cows $1,800, $1,600, Sam Hershberger, Cashton. $ 1,700, consignment. $1,600 $1,500 Jersey, Matt Bunkelman, Medford. Bulk of cows selling for $825 to $1,400. Cull cows higher this week. Mostly .44 to .58. Several over .60. Finished Holstein steers up to .94. Bull calves mostly $85 to $115. Hay up to $195 on large squares grass. Mostly $90 to $155.


Well the '06 Impala officially let me sit. Odometer shows 333,406 so I guess we got a fair amount of use out of it. Had a weather market this week, but market was still mostly steady on a shorter run. Top cow $1,450. Hay market higher.


Another near record breaking head count this week! Over 400 head dairy sold with 5 dispersals of cows and 2 heifer dispersals. Also many good consigned cows from our highly valued consignors! Top cows again selling from $1,400 to $1,600. Overall slightly stronger market with many cow selling from $850 to $1,150. Top springing heifer $1,300 with main run from $800 -$1,050. Open heifers mostly $.62 to .70. Holstein bull calves up to $150. Top Angus calf $325. Very strong cull cow market. Top cull cow 1860 lb @ $.5650 consigned by Nolan Garman, Colby. Remember Quality is everything in todays market!!


Think this through; I believe the cost of production equals the price of milk, over time. Still a lot of dairy cows coming onto the market. Top cows $1,400 to $1,600 but a lot of good cows selling $800 to $1,100. Hay market definitely trending lower. As always, don't hesitate to call with any marketing questions.


John N Oberholtzer - March 3, 1926 - March 14, 2019 Another soldier goes to his reward. I called him Dad. Good Dairy cows stronger this week. Still a buyers market. Many respectable cows selling $850- $1100. Cull cows slightly lower. Top $.5650. Hol strs up to $.93. Hay market considerable lower with warmer weather. Good rounds and squares grass $85- 120.


My Dad turned 93 last week. He's starting to show a fair amount of wear and tear and says this getting old sure ain't for sissies! Still selling a lot of high quality Dairy cattle in a buyer's market. For $900 to $1,200 you can get a very nice dairy cow and 1800 will buy you just about everything thru the ring. Lesser quality 500-800. Good springing heifers 800-1050. Open heifers up to .78. Cull cows up to $.62, choice Holstein steers upper .80's and low$.90's. Select and under finished steers .72 to .83. Good Holstein bull calves 85-110. Top 125. Still a very good demand for hay. Most rounds and square bales 85-150/bale. Small squares grass 4.50 to 7.50/bale. As always feel free to call with any marketing questions, and thanks for all your business!!


Much as I wanted to share more of what I learned in my whit collar crime study, that still small voice keeps saying "don't". Instead lets read Romans 12:17-21. Another round of many good quality cattle selling for less than I think they should. Top dairy cows $1,700 Harry Keim, Willard. $1,675 Rueben Hershberger, Westby. $1,550 Michael Bender, Unity. $1,500 Levi Hershberger, Loyal. Lots of very good cows selling $850 to $1400. Springing heifers mostly $800-950. Open heifers up to $.65/lb. Feeder cattle higher. 6 Angus steers 718 lbs 1.44/lb. Holstein steers mostly $.70-.90. Cull cows up to $.58. Very strong demand for hay! Rounds mostly $95 to 120. Large squares grass up to $150. Small squares $4.75 to $7.00 per bale. Thank You so much for your continued support!!


What a waste of resources. Went to the bank to open a savings account for our 7 and 9 yr olds. Five pages and 7 signatures per account and we were in business! Plus they sent 12 more pages, of mostly fine print, legalese along home. Fell asleep before I read it all but among other things it did have us agree to not use the account for any illegal activities. AND, if the boys keep more than $49.99 in the account they get paid the astonishing rate of .01%!! I wonder how the bank can afford it but I guess they know what they're doing. Another round of many good quality cattle selling for less than I think they should. Top dairy cow $1,650, lots of very good cows $850 to $1,400. Cull cows selling quite well, many .40-59, choice Holstein steers to .90. Still very strong demand for hay with most round and squares grass bringing $90-110 @ bale. Top $120


Mark took 5th place in the Greater Midwest Auctioneer Contest in Rugby, North Dakota last week, and third in a ring man competition. Congrats Mark! My Parkinson's is definitely speeding the aging process ( save the age wise cracks, 53 isn't really that old!!) Had a 60ish year old lady like to help me across the street the other day. How manly do you think that'll make you feel?! Over all dairy cows trending lower, many good cows selling $800-1300. Top springing heifer $1,250. Cull cows up to $.60. Top dairy cross steer $1.08 and Swiss steer $.94 Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. We dohave a very competitive market and we do need more market cattle!! Large round and square bales of hay up to $110. Small squares mostly $3.50 to $4.50. Top $5.75.


Our son Mark placed 5th at the Greater Midwest Auctioneer Contest in Rugby, North Dakota this week. Congrats Mark! I wonder if my paying property taxes at the last hour correlates to having the last mile in the township to be plowed!?? 477 head consigned this week with a good sized crowd considering the snow event we were having. Dairy cows seem to be trending a little lower. Top $1,550 with many good cows selling from $750-1100. Springing heifers mostly $750-950 top $1,200. Opens up to $.72/lb. Butcher cows $35-48, top $58. Choice Holstein steers up to $.91 a pound. As always, thanks for the business!!


32 below on the thermometer and a slight breeze is not ideal for sale day!! Nice and warm in the arena, and enough hardy souls here to make a fair market. Top dairy cows again 15 to 1800. Large sale next Thursday hope to see you then!! Thanks for your continued support!


White collar crime is generally a crime of greed, not need. A man may steal your cow because his children need milk for their Cheerios or his buddies are coming over and he's short burgers. The criminal that steals, say, your cow business, likely has all he needs plus considerable more. So why do they do it?? More later. 32 below dairy cows a little lower. Top $1,550 Hubert Miller, Abbotsford. $1,500 Chester Kauffman, Cashton. $1,500 Consignment, Owen. Market cattle and hay higher! As always, we sure appreciate your business!!


So much for the mild winter... Brrrr!! My Dad often said, "it's sure good they can't operate the weather with politics." If they could, how would it be right now, wouldn't we have any weather at all?!?! Can't you just see the headlines, all non-essential weather is canceled until a gazillion dollars is approved for blah, blah. Golf courses in south Florida will of course be on a regular weather schedule. Another very nice run of top quality cows today! Top cows today $1,900, $1,800 $1,800 $1,750, $1,750 $1,700 $1,700 $1,600, Bugbee Dairy dispersal- Hillsboro. Many decent cows still selling from $900 to $1,300. Cull cows up to $.58, choice Holstein steers up to $.90. Still a very high demand for good quality hay! Round bales grass $85-120


So I went too the library and did some reading on white collar crime. Like every other subject out there, there are people that spend their life studying it, the crimes and the criminals behind them. One of these day I'll give a report on the interesting things I've learned. It's all about Quality. Quality cattle, Quality people, Quality service. Where would you buy better cows?! Top cows today $1,850 Aaron E. Miller-Cashton, $1,800 Consignment-Loyal, $1,775 David Bontreger-Granton, $1,750 Matthew Martin-Loyal, $1,725 Harlan Weaver-Colby, $1,600 Menno A. Stutzman-Granton, $1,550 Levi Hershberger- Loyal, $1,500 David Shetler- Westby, $1,500 Melvin Sauder- Colby. Cull cows mostly $33-50 with several to 57. Choice Holstein steers up to .89 colored fats to 1.09. Good Holstein bull calves $45 to$85 per head top $120, beef calves up to $300. Round bales grass hay $85 to $105, large squares up to $115 per bale. Yes, we want your business but as always even if you don't do business here don't hesitate to call with your marketing questions.


Its all about Quality. Quality Cattle, Quality People, Quality Service. Market on top dairy cows definitely trending higher! $1,900 Zimmerman, Thorp, $1,700 Jason Brubaker, Thorp, $1,600 Reuben Hershberger, Westby, $1,500 Sam D Miller. Choice Holstein steers up to $0.87. Cull cows mostly .34-.45, top .5650. Good Holstein bull calves $45-85 per head top $120. Beef calves up to $300 per head. Hay report: Round bales grass $ 85-105, large squares $115 per bale. Thanks for your past and future business!!


Well over 300 head of cattle and a standing-room-only crowd of people! Nelson and Esther Weaver catered the lunch featuring chicken BBQ, French fries, cheese curds and milk. If you ever need an event catered they do an excellent job at a reasonable price. Not sure how many people were here but we had food prepared for 300 and it was all by 1:00. I did see a few people that looked like they might have had seconds though, at least sometime! Excellent quality dairy cattle today on a stronger Market. Set a new all-time high price on cows at Oberholtzer Auctions! Top dairy cows 2300, 2050, 1900, 1850, 1800, 1750, 1700, 1700, 1650, 1600, 1600, 1525, 1500, 1500 Kronebusch Altura, MN. 1700, 1500 Reuben Miller, Cashton. 1650 Jersey cross, Zimmerman, Thorp. 1500 Sam Hershberger, Cashton. 1500 Reuben Hershberger, Westby. Better springing heifers 900-1200. Extreme top 1350. Cull cows mostly .32-.43. Top .51. Choice Holstein steers up to .86.


Had a nice family tri to Pennsylvania. We were blessed with good weather and safe miles. Was privileged to attend 2 of my boyhood churches. Had various family gatherings, the largest ( and loudest) being the Oberholtzer side of the family with over 300 people there. Better dairy cows again $1,300 to $1,600 last week. Still excellent buying opportunities with many good cows from $850 to $1,100. Extreme top $1,800 John Nolt, Orchard IA. Hay continues to sell quite well, mostly $85-105 a bale.


Well we made it through our first year in biz! We sold way more cattle than we ever expected, but we sold a lot for less than we ever imagined possible a year ago. Surely the bad news is all in by now and the market starts heading up again. (I hope!) So far we had excellent buyer support to keep this a very competitive market. Also, many consignors that really want our auction to prosper. Thank you! (Don't forget we DO have lower selling cost than most around here.) Be sure to mark your calendar to be here on the 27th, as we are expecting many top dairy cows. Not sure what we'll have for eats, but I'm sure it'll good & lots of it!! Yes, we do keep getting excellent quality cows! Top cows this week, $2,000, $1,900, $1,700, $1,700, $1,500, Hubert Miller, Abbotsford. $1,700, $1,500, Sam Hershberger, Cashton. $1,600, Emma Miller, Chili. $1,450 Philip Showalter, Greenwood. Springing heifers mostly $750-1,100, top $1,275


Probably the best thing about my job is how many good people I get to meet and work with. Now if we could get past some of these challenging markets it would be a lot more enjoyable. Top dairy cows this week $2150, $2000, $1800, $1700, $1600, $1500, $1500 Metzger, Wonewoc. Many good cows still $700-1300 with any blemishes down to cull price. We keep getting more cattle too, had well over 100 this week. Cull cows mostly .28-.44. Top .5150. Choice Hol strs .80-.84. Top .86. Grass & alfalfa hay $75-105/ bale. Wheat straw $45/ bale.


Its all in how you word it. Imagine the uproar if they enacted a 2 billion dollar tax mostly on the poor and thee ignorant. Call it the lottery and even supposedly upright and anti-tax individuals foolishly participate in a self tax. Corn and bean yields are varying a lot but many good numbers coming in. Several consignments of excellent quality dairy cattle selling in the next couple weeks! Top cows still selling mostly from $ 1400- $1700, few higher. Many good cows $750-$1250. Extreme top springing hfr $1400, but most are $750- $1050. Open hfrs $.50-$.80/lb. Severe discounts on blemished & mismanaged cattle. Choice Hol strs .82-.86. A few highlights from the Special AaA Auction on October 25: Supreme Quality Dairy Cows sold for $2100, 1950, 1650, 1500 from Norman Z. Martin; $1800 Leonard Ray Zimmerman; $1700 Lamar Weaver; $1600 Melvin Zimmerman; $1600, 1500, Matt Hartwig.


Continue to sell cows and heifers on a very challenging market. Top cows selling 1250 to 1450. Highest springing heifers 1050. Sold 237 head on dairy sale on Thursday. We keep getting more market cattle and calves every week. Good quality hay brining 85 to 105 per bale. Thanks again for the continued support!!


Imagine that. Was driving along and my phone quit working. No calls, no texting, no nothing. Stopped at one of those little hole-in-the-wall phone stores. After a lot of back and forth with customer service, tech support, and fraud division, they determined my phone has been hacked!! No, I'm not interested in your latest new phone for the price of 2 cull cows. Nope not the stripped down model for the equivalent of 500 gallons of milk either. The clerk couldn't have been a day over 18 and I expect her friends got a good laugh at my expense, "can you believe it?? some old codger bought a flip phone today??!!! Top cows this week 1350 to 1500. Good grass hay up to $105 per bale.


So if the borrower is a servant to the lender, ( Proverbs 27:7 ), what do you make of it if the servant, ( borrower ), acts like a king?? Continued excellent buying opportunities on dairy cattle!! We are still selling many cows and hfrs at less than the cost of production. Econ 101 says this is not sustainable long term. Evidently it can last longer than we'd like though. Sold several more nice herds private treaty. As always, don't hesitate to call with marketing questions! If you can't make the sale, we do order buying. Hay has been selling quite well and we would be glad for more consignments. We 're getting a nice amount of feeders for our first sale, excited about that! Top cows this week, 1725, Henry Borntrager, Granton. 1700, Sam S Hershberger, Loyal. 1675 Levi Hershberger, Loyal. 1575, Henry Miller, Loyal. 1575 Sam Hershberger, Cashton


Sure see a lot of excellent looking crops in my travels. My how we've been blessed other year with exactly the right amount of sunshine and neither a teaspoon to little, or to much, rain! Our milk check pay price was $15.16/cwt this month and guess what?! that wasn't a teaspoon to much either cause its all gone already!! We have a very competitive market on Dairy cattle, cull cows, Bulls, Fat cattle, calves and hay and YES we DO want your business!! Let us know what we have to do to earn it!! trucking available from all areas.


Beautiful morning, temps in the mid 40's, and autumn here we come! Iam convinced we will get through this current challenging market... just not sure when. Top cow this week $1,550, Fred Miller, IA. $1,500, Sam Hershberger, Cashton. Market cows mostly $0.36 to $0.60. Sold 319 head Thursday. As always, don't hesitate to call with any marketing questions and also, as always, we do order buying if you can't make the sale. Can't say enough good about the support we're getting from the community, both buyers and sellers. Thank You!


Sold 197 head on Thursday's Dairy sale including 4 herds. Quality is everything with supreme cows still selling respectable. Top cows $1,500 Levi Hershberger, Loyal, $1,300 $1,200 $1,200 James Horning, Spencer. Sold 35 head market cows mostly selling $.42-$.48 top $.58. Small hay sale with lower quality round bales grass selling $25 to $35.


Thanks again to all buyers and sellers who choose to do business with us!! We appreciate it like you wouldn't believe! Don't know if I mentioned this before or not but 100% of our office and barn staff are current or former dairy farmers. People with respect for your cattle and respect for you. we will now have hay and dairy sale EVERY Thursday followed by cull cows, market cattle and bulls. Sold 11 lots varying quality hay. Gras hay from $32.50 - 55 and good quality alfalfa up to $80. Nice top cows $1,400, $1,400 Pete Palmer, Greenwood. Still very challenging market with good cows selling from $700 to $1,100.Top Springing heifers to $1,250 but mostly $750 to $1,050. Market cows up to $.57. We are now selling market cows after the dairy sale, VERY COMPETITIVE MARKET!!! Hope to see you next week!


Sold 12 lots varying quality grass hay $30-$55 per bale. Nice top cows $1,400 Robert Lang, Marathon, $1,400 Amos Yoder, Abbotsford. Still a very challenging market with many good dairy cows selling $ 700 to $1,100. Top Springing hfrs to $1,200, but mostly $750 to $1,050. We had our first market cattle sale, 104 cull cows sold mostly $.42-.55. One of our main heifer buyers, Linus (Bumper) Kuennen, 68, was killed in a tractor rollover Aug 16th while brush hogging on his farm. Another reminder to us that the call of death is so sudden, solemn, and final. 3 things that came to mind when thinking about Bumper, he always paid on time and in full, he used some words that should never cross Christian lips, and almost without fail he signed off our phone calls with a cheery, "Lord Willing, I'll see you sale day."


As a matter of fact, yes, it is warm enough for me!! Although sitting here in front of the fan & eating the juiciest watermelon makes it kinda ok. Sold our first semi load of grade and yield cattle last week, was pleased how that turned out.


Well I'm pleased to say we have our scale in now and look forward to have feeder cattle sales in the near future. A rather large crowd of buyers and spectators today, we always like that! Extreme top cow $1950 Warren Burkholder, Loyal. Overall still a buyers market. Many good cows sell $900-1400 with old or blemished cows down to market price. Good quality bred heifers mostly $750-1200. Open Jerseys heifers up to 1.61/lb! Holstein open heifers mostly .65 to .85/lb, a few to .95. Heifer calves 50-80/hd. As always, don't hesitate to call with any marketing questions. We're always looking for feedback on how to improve our business too. 265 head sold.


Over 200 head Dairy cows and heifers sold this week. Excellent demand for High Quality cows with several cows selling over 1700!! Many good cows sold from 900 to 1200. Again lower quality cows SHARPLY discounted. A sample of cows sold: LLM Dairy, Ringle; 2000, 1900,1600. Nolan Garman, Colby; 1800. Kenneth Martin, Colby; 1800,1650. Complete Dispersal, Green Bay; 1750, 1500. Springing heifers up to 1250. Did I mention QUALITY is EVERYTHING!!! Thanks for your business!!


Sold 337 head. Excellent demand on high quality Jerseys. Top Jersey cows and springing heifers $1,250-1,375, short breeds $950-1,200. Ten Jersey heifers ready to breed $900, smaller opens near $1.80/lb!! Holstein cows and springing heifers up to $1,375. Sold 15 supreme quality Holstein cows private treaty $1,800-2,000. QUALITY IS EVERYTHING!! Holstein open heifers mostly $.70-.85/lb. We went to a wedding in MO this weekend, had a nice time but one of the key things about MO in July, visit people with AC! Sure saw a lot of nice crops between here and there, and very few poor ones


Had 469 head DAIRY cattle on May 3rd special heifer sale. Our largest sale so far. Still a buyers market with many open heifers from $.80-.85/lb. Some fancy Holsteins to $1.00. 5 Jersey heifers approximately 400lbs @ $625/head! Nearly 200 consigned already for next heifer sale June 7th. Please call to have your cattle included in advertising. Had a horrible customer service experience from one of our regular vendors; I figured they might want to know so I called and told them. (Don’t think they cared as much as I did.) Got to thinking about it, even though I think quite highly of our staff, I wonder if any of our customers have a less than satisfactory experience... if you have, please let me know so we can fix it!


We have Ascension Day church services May 10th, so we scheduled a Tuesday sale. Top cow last week 2150 Tom Wiker, Mineral Point. Still a lot of good quality cows selling 900-1600. Recently sold several top herds private treaty, two were averaging in the 90s and one was over 100lbs!! As always feel free to call with any marketing questions and don’t forget, if you can’t make it to the sale, we do order buying with no cost to you. Be safe as you get in the rush of field work!


Top cow this week 1750 Gideon Miller, Cashton. We again had a lot of good quality cows last week. Milk futures are looking up & top cows selling a little higher! Still an excellent opportunity to upgrade your herd with many good cows going for $1,200-1,600. Recently saw an interesting church sign: "Just a reminder, we are still open between Easter and Christmas."


Well, I guess we sure got our share of April snow! Hard to tell how much it is with all the drifting. We again had a lot of good quality cows last week. Top sellers, $1,800 Wilmer Martin, Colby. $1,800 Jason Brubaker, Thorp. $1,750 Norman Martin, Stanley. $1,700, $1,700 consignment, Colby. Still many good cows selling $800-1300. Plain, blemished and mismanaged cattle severely discounted. We milk all the cows we sell and give a warranty on most of them. Next special heifer sale is May 3rd. Expect 250-300 head, had 309 last month with a few Holsteins at $1.00/lb, Jerseys to $1.50.


We again had a successful special heifer sale with 309 head. Several lots of fancy green 5-600lb Holsteins right at 1.00/lb on estimated weights. Jerseys to 1.50 or a little more. Plain heifers mostly .80-.85/lb. Overall it continues to be a buyers market. Many good young cows selling from 900 to 1300. Just really a lot of cows on the market right now. People keep asking when we’re putting in a scale & doing feeder cattle sales - guess we need to think that through. So far nobody offered to finance a scale! As always, don’t hesitate to call if you want market advice or free on farm appraisals. Think spring!!


It seems spring is rather slow in coming, but it WILL come!! I’ve been trying to think of slogan for our business. The other day someone was here and said, “this is the best little dairy sale!” Maybe we’ll go with that.


Overall still a very challenging market but top cows trending higher. This was the second sale in a row Gideon Miller, Cashton had the top cow @ $2,050. Many decent cows selling $800-1300. Top springer heifer $1400, most bred heifers $800-1200. We may well not be the newest or fastest growing auction around, but believe me, we are extremely pleased with the volume and quality of cattle coming through the doors. To date we’re averaging 260 head DAIRY cattle per sale, sure am glad for all the consignor and buyer support we get!!


Over 300 head DAIRY cattle. Still a challenging market over all but top cows trending higher. We may well not be the newest or fastest growing auction around, but believe me, we are extremely happy with the volume and quality of cattle coming through the doors!!


Beautiful spring-ish day. Continued excellent opportunity to buy good quality cows at very reasonable prices! Top cow $1,500 Perry Miller, Cashton. 3 cows at $1,450 each. The “Mielke” market weekly quoted the average dairy cow price in WI in January as $1,470, I wonder how they came up with that number...guess I should call and ask. Thanks for all the positive feedback on our auctions!


Sold well over 400 dairy cattle, standing room only crowd. Top cow $1,800 Dennis Martin, Memphis MO. Heifers sold very well considering the current market. Next special heifer sale will be March 1st. We already have 2 complete dispersals lined up & expect 500 head or so!


We had another sale with so many very good quality cows. Overall it continues to be a buyers market. Top cow 1900 Joshua Martin, Colby. Many good young cows sold 800-1200. Top Springer heifer 1600 Leland Zimmerman, Curtis. Sure has been a pleasant surprise how many consignors and buyers are choosing do business at our market - thank you!!! Greatly appreciated.


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