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Market Report 8-08-2019

Had more high quality cattle today again! Top Dairy cows $1850,1750 Alvin Martin, Unity. $1725, Michael Martin, Colby. Another nice run of good cows from $1200- 1500. Bull calves sold higher. Main run good Holstein bull calves $45 to $100. Top $125. Springing Holstein heifers mostly $850 to $1200. Open heifers 50 to 68 cents per pound. Choice Hol steers .90 to .9625, dairy cross up to $1.03. Nice run of Holstein feeder cattle mostly .75-.85 up to .95 on light weights. Continued good cull cow market. Thanks again for your continued support!!

Market Report 8-01-2019

Quality is Everything!! Market again sharply higher today on high quality dairy cows. Top cow was a fancy McCutchen out of a Gold Chip and fresh one day. Sold at $2,100. Consigned by Sam Hershberger, Cashton. Did I mention quality is everything?! Most good cows 950 to 1600. Good springing heifers 850-1300. Open heifers still very much a buyers market mostly .55-.85 a pound. Cull cows higher. Top 69.50 with many cows selling in mid 50s to upper 60s. Choice Holstein fed steers up to 93.25.

Market Report 07-25-2019

Shorter run on dairy cows today but we sure had quality! Overall market considerable stronger. Top cow $1,550 Levi Hershberger; Loyal. Many good cows from $900 to $1,400. Lower end cows were still discounted considerably. Had a very nice run of feeder cattle that sold quite well. We keep getting more feeders in and sure appreciate every one of them! Also had a beef cow/calf dispersal of Limosiune and Simmentals. Pairs sold from $1,200 to $1,500 with 120-250 lb calves at side. Holstein Feeders: 950 -1200 lb $.78 to $.85.  500-850 lb  $.76 to $.89. Lighter weights up to $1.02 @ lb. Fed Cattle: High Choice $.88 to $.92. Select $.8250 to .$88  Market cows: Mostly $.54 to $.60. Several cows $.62 to $.6950.  WANTED: More cull cows and Fed cattle! Thanks for your support have a GREAT weekend!!    


JWO NOTES & MARKET REPORT Went to my dad's estate sale in PA on Saturday. Perfect weather for an auction. Had several hundred people there and things sold well. Several keepsake items sold hundreds of dollars higher than the original cost! Continued buyer's market on good dairy cattle. Extreme top cows $1,500 to $1,800. Many good cows $800-1100. Cull cows mostly .48-.65. Holstein market steers up to $.88. Feeders mostly $65-94. Large squares grass $85-95/ bale


Got a nice compliment the other day. A cattle buyer that goes to a lot of sale barns was here and said he sure likes how our barn crew handles cattle. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!! Had a good week. 427 head from 91 consignors & 47 individual buyers. Top 2 cows again from Nolan and Ruth Metzger, $1,600 and $1,550. Good market cows mostly .47 to .60. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.70 to .95. Large squares up to $95 a bale.


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