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JWO Notes & Market Report 1-23-2020

Had a snow day today but still had 345 head and a nice crowd. Jason Brubaker by Thorp had the top dairy cow at 2000 also R Green Acres, Pepin $2,000. A very nice run of drive ins today with good quality selling in that 13 to $1700 range. Plenty of late lactation and older cows that were still worth the money selling from 700 to 1100. Cull cows were sharply higher today on a very active market. Main run of cows 45 to 64 cents. With a top of 6650. Choice Holstein steers this week 88 to 96 cents. Good quality Holstein bull calves mostly 45 to $75 per head. Top 100. Hay market steady. Round bales grass 40 to $70 per bale. Extreme top 3+3+7 dairy hay $140 per bale and 3+4+8 at $170. Excellent quality corn stalks 4+5 rounds $55 per bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 1-16-2020

Another run of excellent quality dairy cows today. Market was steady with last week. 25% of dairy cows sold from $1550 to $1850. Another 25% sold from $1300 to $1500. No Supreme quality springers today. Most good springers sold from $850 to $1150. Open heifer market continues to show good strength with the bulk of heifers selling from 60 to 85 cents per pound. Lightweight heifers were lower today with 200lb Holsteins selling from $75 to $150 per head. Had our best run of fat steers ever! Over 85% of Holsteins sold from $.89 to $.9325 with extreme dairy cross at $1.09! Choice beef steers up to $1.15. 50% of market cows sold $.40 to $.59. Good Holstein bull calves mostly 40 to $85 per head.

Market Report & JWO Notes 1-9-2020

Nice winter weather. Shorter runs of dairy cows but still good quality! Top dairy cows 1500-1800. Dairy heifers again sharply higher most good opens .68 to $0.90. Extreme top package 808 lbs @ $745 each. Beef feeder steers up to 1.20/lb. 400 lb Holsteins 91.50 Choice hol strs up to 92.50. Dairy quality Alfalfa 3 by 4 by 8 175/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report

Well, we ended the year on a good note! Easily our best sale of the last 2 years. Was a jam packed standing room only crowd to the point some people really couldn't see what was going on in the ring which is always unfortunate, but as I told one fellow, just keep bidding, you can see what you got when you get her home!! I have a number of observations I'd like to share with you in here but they charge me so much a column inch for writing stuff. I don't begrudge the papers their living, but we're going to start doing my notes and market report a different way. It will be on our website or you can receive a direct email. We will also have a toll free number where you can call in and listen to the report. Top dairy cows; $2,700 LR Zimmerman, Greenwood. $2,400, $2,350 Moser, Westby. $2,300, $1,850 Sam Hershberger, Cashton. $2,200, $2,100, $2,000 Roger Books, Maiden Rock. $2,100 Colby. $2,100, $2,000, $2,000, $2,000, $1,900, $1,900, Kronebusch, Altura, MN. $2,000, $2,000 Norman Martin, Stanley. $1,850 Randall Martin, Withee.

JWO Notes & Market Report 12-19-2019

As always, the Bible is true. We are in... A land which the Lord thy God careth for: the eyes of the Lord thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year. Deuteronomy 11:12. We sold 487 head. 227 milk cows, 137 market cows plus hfrs, bulls, fdrs, fats and calves. Top consignment of 10 cows averaged $1,650. 52 free stall cows average $1,435. Had a good crowd and good Market throughout on quality cattle. Blemished cattle severely discounted. Hay market again lower. Extreme top Dairy quality $140 a bale.


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