Big enough to make a difference; small enough to care!

Supply and demand still works. The reason talk is cheap, there’s so much more supply than demand!

No herd dispersal today and dairy cows were lower. Most sold from 1350-2000. Top springing heifers 1700-2000. Open Holstein heifers 1.00-1.45. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 60-165.

Beeding bulls 1050-1700. Market bulls 102-123.

Choice Holstein steers this week 145-165. Beef cross up to 176. No real test on feeder cattle. Holstein feeder steers 125-175. Cross breds up to 202. Holstein bull calves continue strong, 200-370. Beef calves mostly 375-550 with several up to 610.

Butcher hogs 72-80. Sows 52-56. Boars 22. Sheep 55-1.60/lb. Billy goats up to 1.85/lb.

20% of market cows sold 99-113. Another 50% sold 76-97.

3x3x8 alfalfa 80-110. Rounds and squares grass mix hay 50-70. Smallish rounds straw 27.50-35.

Thanks again for your business, we really appreciate it!!