Making low budget memories. Pitched our tents on the lawn, had mountain pies for supper, played corn hole till way past dark, (that’s what lanterns are for) made scrumptious breakfast over an open fire (couldn’t tell if it was a heavy mist or a light rain for awhile), played a little more corn hole and called it a family vacation! Oh yes, a few of the more ambitious ones got up early and went fishing on the Water shed. By their say-so they caught 114 fish in an hour… catch and release of course.

Once again, it’s all about quality, better cattle sell for more money! Many good cows 1400- 1850. Top 2000 Larry Brubacker Jr, Stratford.

Springing Holstein heifers still a buyer’s market. Good springers 1000- 1350. Had an excellent run of open heifers mostly selling 80- 92. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 15- 50/ hd.

Holstein breeding bulls 750- 1100. Market bulls up to 80.50.

Choice Holstein steers and heifers 110- 118. Cross breds up to 118. Holstein feeder steers 89- 1.15NT. Cross bred up to 1.30.

Holstein bull calves 70- 145. Beef cross bull and heifer calves up to 260.

Sold 90 market cows. Top high yielding cows 70- 74.50. Individual young fleshy cow 94. 20% sold 50- 61. Balance of cows much lower 36- 49.

Same story in the hay market, top quality sold higher, everything else lower. Another load from Jeff Severson topped the sale with 3x3x8 Alfalfa 85 and 3x3x8 grass mix 3rd crop 82.50. Rounds grass 27.50- 50. Small squares grass 2nd crop $2.00.