I guess sometimes children do remember what you say… Going on 10 years ago, another chap and I bought a weed patch with an old house and a turkey barn that had seen better days. We cleaned up and fixed up a little and started a Po- dunk Auction Barn. Our first sale we had several hundred head of cattle. Occasionally I say, it sure was fortunate we opened a salebarn there that day otherwise it would have been really weird if all those people brought so many cattle and it was just a weed patch yet!

This week was a little hectic at our sale barn with over 500 cattle, near 1,000 bales hay and straw and part of a million dollars worth of equipment coming through. At one point one of the boys said, it’s sure fortunate we started an auction here otherwise it would be really weird with so many people bringing so much stuff and just unloading it here…

Still a good market. Top dairy cows 2300 Oberholtzer, Loyal. 2100, 2000 Dwayne Deaton, Athens. 2100 Burnell Martin, Fennimore. 2000 Popp Dairy, Unity. 1950 Ivan Shirk, Colby. Top Jersey 1450. Many good cows 1300- 1900. Later lactation & smaller cows 900- 1200.

Springing Holstein heifers 1300- 1450. Plain springers 900- 1100. Opens 80- 95. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 20- 45.

Breeding bulls 1275- 1600. Market bulls 80- 96.50.

Choice Holstein steers and heifers 118- 126.50. Low choice and Select 106- 115. Beef cross 126- 136NT. Holstein feeder steers 80- 120NT. Holstein bull calves higher, mostly 100- 160. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 160- 200.

25% of market cows sold 68- 75. Top 77. 45% sold 57- 67.50.

Supreme quality 3x3x8 Alfalfa 150. Alfalfa grass mix squares 65- 75. Rounds and squares high quality baleage 50- 75. Rounds grass 1st crop 27.50- 45. Rounds corn stalks 45. 3x4x8 wheat straw 75- 80. 3x3x8 straw 45. Small squares grass 3- 4.50.

As always, thanks for your business and hope to see you next week!!