If you add equal parts, higher milk prices, higher cull cow prices and excellent quality dairy cattle, you have the recipe for a good auction!! (choosing a good Auction Company can’t hurt either!)

With our nationwide advertising and ability to milk cows after selling them, we sold several loads of cows to buyers between 500 and 600 miles away.

Top cow in JJ Meadows LLC dispersal was 3350 with 22 cows 3000- 3350. Sold 67 cows 2500- 2950 and 52 head 2000- 2450. Another 82 sold 1600- 1950.

Springing heifers sold mostly 1500- 1950.

90% of market cows sold 70- 86.

If you are thinking of buying or selling cattle, please call us for a free consultation on current market values.