Had a flat tire today. That’s the second one in six months since I bought these new tires.

Holiday week, light test on all classes. Dairy cow market steady. Good cows 1600- 2300. Top 2350, 2300 Burnell Martin, Fennimore.

Springing heifers 1000-1250. Open Holstein heifers 65- 90 cents per pound. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 15- 35 per head.

No test on Holstein steers. Good Holstein bull calves 75-110 per head, beef cross calves up to 200.

75% of market cows sold 42.50- 50.

First crop grass hay 35- 55 per bale. Third crop 50- 65. Baleage up to 45. Feed grade Canadian wheat straw 37.50 per bale. Corn stalks 15- 22.50.

Hope to see you all on the 31st. Large run of excellent quality cattle consigned. Also some equipment and special items. This will be a customer appreciation sale including free food!!