Big enough to make a difference; Small enough to care.

It appears winter has officially arrived!!

Sold 115 dairy cattle on a steady to slightly softer market. Top dairy cows 2450, 2200 Welch-Edge Holsteins, Viroqua. 2450,2400,2350 Corey Persons, St Charles, MN.

Holstein springing heifers 1775-2000. Top 2100 Al Swoboda, Gilman. Open Holstein heifers 1.10-1.40/lb. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 120-180/head.

Light test on feeder cattle. 7 Angus steers 399 lbs @ 252.50. 3 red baldy steers 568 lbs @ 2.30. 2 Angus x Holstein steers 718 lbs @ 2.01. 5 Holstein steers 890 lbs @ 1.28.

Choice and prime Holstein steers 1.39-1.45. Cross bred steers 1.52-1.64 with a top of 1.70 from Herman Miller Jr, Spencer.

Had 4 big market bulls weighing 1890-2035 sold from 1.03-1.16.

Holstein bull calves mostly 335-420. Top 440 Raymond High, Neillsville. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 550-660. Top 675 Jolan Zimmerman, Neillsville.

Butcher cows slightly lower than earlier in the week. Main run sold 82-93 with a top of 1.03. Organic market cows sold 1.35-1.52.

Thanks again for your support and your business!! Stay warm and safe!!