No clever or wise words here this week.

Only this announcement; we purchased Turenne Livestock Market in Thorp.

Our plan for now is to continue with the same schedule. Sale every Monday and Wednesday evening starting at 5:00 selling calves then hogs, sheep, goats, feeder cattle, fat cattle and market cows.

Yes, we expect to have a very competitive market!

Sold 130 dairy cows today. Market Steady. Top 2600 Jeffrey Hoff, Marshfield. 3 head at 2400 Setterstrom, Orangeville, IL.

Many good cows sold 1500- 2200. Older, smaller, blemished cows 1100- market.

Top springing heifers 1400- 2000NT. Open heifers 80- 110. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 50- 85.

Breeding bulls 750-1400. Market bulls 97-112. Top Holstein market bull 2075 lbs @ 112/cwt Lloyd Showalter, Greenwood

High choice and Prime Holstein steers and Heifers 120-126. Crossbreds up to 133. Holstein feeder steersĀ  97-113. Holstein bull calves mostly 85-135. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 145-250.

20% of Market cows sold 80-89.50. Package of feedlot cows sold 91-97. 50% sold 63-77.

Short run of hay. 3x4x8 Alfalfa 185-220. 3x3x8 Alfalfa 95-110. 3x4x8 wheat straw 95. Rounds and squares grass 35-50.

Thanks again for your business and friendship!