Big enough to make a difference, small enough to care!!

A man said there’s no point in complaining about your lot in life, half the people don’t care and the other half probably figure you had it coming.

Dairy cows sold lower today. Top 2100 Jason Brubaker, Thorp. 2000 Jason Nolt, Boyd. Many good cows 1400-1950.

Springing Holstein heifers 1300- 1750. Opens 95-120 per lb. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 35-80.

Breeding bulls 850- 1300. Market bulls 70-90 NT.

Choice Holstein steers 138-145 cross breds up to 146. Holstein feeder steers 105-135. Crossbreds up to 170. Holstein bull calves 95-160. Cross bred bull and heifer calves 200-300. Wednesday crossbred calves 300-425.

20% of market cows sold 79-90. Top 92 Jamin Hess, Athens. 50% sold 62-78.

Butcher hogs 70-80. Sows 59-66. Boars 24

3x3x8 Alfalfa grass mix 85-115. Grass rounds and squares 55-70. Older first crop grass 25-35. Baleage 40-75. Small squares grass 3.75-5.50. 3x4x8 wheat straw 90-100.

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