Been trying to eat healthy with lots of fruit lately. Strawberry pie, Strawberry Shortcake, fresh Strawberries and ice cream….

Dairy cows sold mostly steady. Still a buyer’ market. No supreme top cows today. The bulk of good cows 900- 1450. Springing Holstein heifers mostly 900- 1200. Open Holstein heifers a little higher 70- 95 with a few higher. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 30- 60 per head.

No test on bulls today.

Choice Holstein steers and heifers 1.05- 1.10NT. Choice beef cross steers and heifers up to 1.08. Holstein bull calves sharply higher 90- 165. Beef cross calves 190- 265.

Market cows lower on a holiday market. 20% sold 52.50- 63.50. 60% sold 37- 47.

3x3x8 grass mix first crop 50- 60.

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