Market Report

A few people must read my ads.  Got numerous calls last week asking why I don’t have an ad in one publication.  Came to find out they published it in the classifieds instead of the auction ads.  If they want to put it somewhere random, try the front page!!  Very short run of dairy cows this week.  Top $3,500, Swiss, Michael Martin, Colby.  Better Holsteins still selling $1,800 -2600.  Good springing Holstein heifers, $1,500 – $1,750.  Plainer or smaller springers $1,050- 1,300.  Opens 90-1.20 depending on quality.  Single birth Holstein Hfr calves $25-125.  Dairy breeding bulls $700-1,200.  Market bulls in Loyal and Thorp $96-116.  Choice and prime Holstein steers Loyal and $136-141.  Beef cross $146.  Holstein feeder steers $105-140.  Beef feeders up to 185 nt.  Holstein bull calves were so variable, $35-155.  Beef cross bull and heifer calves $150-350.  Market cows trending higher in Loyal and Thorp.  25% Holsteins sold $90-101.  Several black cows to $104.  50% sold $75-88.  Sold 40 hogs in Thorp.  Sows $70-91.  Butchers to $94.  Goats up to $3.65 lb.  Sold 592 large bales of hay and straw on a steady market.  Top western alfalfa 3x4x8 $220 per bale.  3x3x8 Alfalfa grass mix $90-110.  Rounds and squares grass $35-60.  Round grass balage $45.  Small squares grass $1.50-3.00.  Wheat straw 3x4x8 $80-85, 3x3x8 $ 40-55.  Rounds rye straw $30-35.