Big enough to make a difference; Small enough to care!!

Our 12 year old got his first deer (archery) Tuesday then his first two (rifle) Saturday in youth hunt. Yes, he was quite pleased!

Top dairy cows not as high as last week but had more 1600-2100. Top 2150. Good springing heifers 1600-2100, opens 1.10-1.50. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 80-170.

Breeding bulls 1200-1600,. Market bulls 1.12-1.28

No test on feeders today.

Holstein bull calves 250-400. Extreme top 1 head at 600 Wednesday consigned by Marvin Beachy, Gilman. Beef cross calves mostly 550-790. Extreme top 820 & 835 consigned by Brenda Zimmer, Owen.

Market cows trending lower. 20% sold 89-1.12. Another 50% sold 66-88. Top this week 1.20.

3x4x8 alfalfa 185-220. 3x3x8 alfalfa grass mix 90-115. Rounds alfalfa 95. Rounds grass 65-90. 3x4x8 western wheat straw 80-85.

Thanks for your business, we really appreciate it!!