Mark’s words of wisdom  ; When a winner makes a mistake he says “I was wrong”  .When a loser makes a mistake he says “It wasn’t my fault “.

Calves sold steady to slightly lower on the top end. Beef cross calves sold mostly 740 to 860  with several black bull calves 900to920.Holstein bull calves 85 lbs and up 500 to 580. Top of 585.Holstein hfr calves 350 to 450.Jersey bull calves 85 to 180.

Light test on feeder cattle.5 Angus /Hol strs 564@ 2.50.5 Hol strs [email protected].

Fed cattle sold 1.58-1.75 on minimal test.

Market bulls 1.34 to 1.45.

Sows 52 to 54.Butcher  hogs 61 to 71.

Market cows sold strong with 50% of cows selling 1.14 to 1.28 and another 35% 1.00 to 1.14.

Thanks for all your business!!