Big enough to make a difference; Small enough to care!!

Amazing how much corn grew this summer on a limited amount of water!

Sold a certified organic dairy herd. Top 3350, 3200, 2950. Top springing heifers 3100, 2950, 2950, 2900 Lavon Miller, Argyle WI. 26 head over 2000.

Conventional springing Holstein heifers 1600-2000. Open heifers 1.20-1.40cwt. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 75-150.

Sold 42 bulls. Breeding bulls mostly 1125-2100. Market bulls mostly 1.22-1.35.

Choice Holstein steers 150-163. Beef up to 185 this week. Holstein feeder steers 145-185NT. Beef cross feeder steers 180-275NT. 5 black heifers 629 lbs @ 2.04.

Holstein bull calves 200-450. Beef cross calves sharply higher 550-790 per head up 8.75/lb. Top 790 Delvin Nolt, Curtiss.

Market cows trending lower. 20% sold 94-118. Another 50% sold 80-93. Only 2 cows under 51. Organic market cows 145-164.50. Lower dressing 125-132.

Hay market trending higher. 3x4x8 western alfalfa 220-250/bale. Local 3x3x8 alfalfa up to 160/bale. 3x4x8 western wheat straw up to 90.

As always, Thank You for your business!!