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Recently read a quote… Exercise daily; run from the devil and walk with the Lord.

Our guess milk check was an even $13 cwt, certainly not ideal for 2023 expenses.

Majority of dairy cows sold 1100-1800. Top 2050 Larry Miller, Spencer. 2050 Levi Miller, Cashton. 2000 Joel Beachy, Spencer. Top Jersey cows, 1550, 1500.

Mid grade springing Holstein heifers 1450-1700. Open Holstein heifers 1.25- 1.60/lb. with light weights up to 1.92. Jerseys 1.25- 1.58. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 50-185/head.

Breeding bulls 850-1400. Market bulls 1.04- 1.16.

Choice Holstein steers 152- 160. Crossbreds 165-175NT. Holstein feeder steers 120-160. Holstein bull calves 125-250. Crossbreds up to 550. Calves in Thorp 150-380, with crossbreds up to 600.

20% of market cows sold 1.04-1.14. 50% sold 80-96. Wednesday in Thorp 45% of cows sold 1.00-1.23.

3x3x8 grass 2nd crop 85/bale. Most large square bales grass 50-65. 3x4x8 wheat straw 65.

As always, Thank You for your business!!