Big enough to make a difference; Small enough to care!!

Dairy cow market steady. No supreme top cows today. Top cow was a 2 year old registered Guernsey at 2200 consigned by Jacob Schrock, Westby. 2050 Rueben Miller, Cashton. 2000 Alvin Hoover, Curtis. Sold 2 Jersey dispersals. Good Jersey and crossbred cows selling 800-1500. Good springing Holstein heifers 1500-2250. Opens 1.15-1.50. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 35-95.

Breeding bulls 1125-1800. Market bulls 1.19-1.25.

Choice Holstein steers 158-168.50. Cross bred up to 176.50. Special colored fat cattle sale in Thorp first Monday every month. Many beef and beef cross 170-188. Feeder cattle market continues quite strong. Holsteins 130-205. Beef cross 145-250NT.

Holstein bull calves 210-350. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 300-635.

20% of market cows sold 105-121. Another 50% sold 82-104.50. Organic cows up to 144.

3x3x8 alfalfa 145/bale. 3x4x8 alfalfa grass mix 170. Rounds grass 45-70. Baleage 35-60. Rounds oat straw/grass/weeds. 32.50- 40. Small squares grass/clover 2.00.

Thanks again for your continued support!!