Our first machinery auction was definitely a success. Good weather, large crowd, active bidding, strong prices!! Bidders from 17 states, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

A little softer undertone in the dairy cow market today but top quality still sold well. Most of the higher selling cattle were registered and part of the Colors of the Season sale. 4250 Nathan Petre, Owen. 3300, 2250 both Jerseys Marvin Reiff, Withee. 3300 Niki Steffenhagen, Darlington. 3000, 2750 Holtland Holsteins, Fennimore. 2800 Jerse Ferdi Seeuws, Sheldon. 2400 Milking Shorthorn Julia Heiman, Neillsville. 2400 Jersey Russ Karl, Neillsville. 2200 Beth Leis, Sparta. 2000 Preston Horning, Livingston. 2000 Oberholtzer, Withee. 2000 Jersey, Braun Livestock, Abbotsford. 2000 Swiss Beth Nelson, Ettrick.

Springing heifers sold higher. 2400 Swiss Megan Landkammer, 2300 Niki Steffenhagen, Darlington. 2000 Windle, Withee. Many good springers 1400- 1800. Open Holstein heifers 85- 1.05. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 10- 35 per head.

Breeding bulls 700- 1350. Market bulls 81- 103.

Choice Holstein steers 120- 128NT. Crossbred steers up to 1.38. Holstein bull calves 85- 165. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 195- 280.

33% of market cows sold 71- 79. 50% sold 60- 70.

Hay market trending lower. Dairy quality 3x3x8 up to 100 per bale. Grass rounds 35- 60. Rounds corn stalks 35.

I believe we had our most consignors ever from one single sale today at 182. Thank you everyone, we greatly appreciate it!!