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JWO Notes & Market Report 8-29-2019

So I'm probably biased, but I think I grill pretty serious pork chop. Yesterday I saw a guy eating one of them with ketchup and mustard on it. Now that just seems wrong! Save your ketchup and mustard for your ice cream and angel food cake but not on my good pork chops!! Quality, Quality, Quality, its all about Quality and we have it coming through our barn week after week. Sold 340 head to 57 buyers for 93 consignors. Well over a hundred people in attendance. Top dairy cows $1,950, $1,900, $1,750, $1,700, $1,700, $1,650, $1,600, $1,600, Sunset Farms, Allenton, WI. $1,875, $1,750 Jim Mlsna, Hillsboro, WI. $1,650, Dennis Anderson, Hager City, WI. $1,600, $1,600 Jonathon Shirk, Colby,WI. 26 cows sold over $1,500! Choice Holstein steers topped at $93.75 on 9 head from Mervin Hoover, Curtis, WI.

Market Report 9-05-2019

Remember Christians, ALL things work together for good and NOTHING can happen to you without God allowing it. More high quality cattle through our ring today. I got out of the prediction business a while ago, seeing I was so wrong for so long, but with all the heifers that have gone into feedlots and all the cows that are being bred to beef, it seems heifer prices just HAVE to turn around. Had our largest sale ever at Oberholtzer's this week with 560 head. Can't say enough of Thank Yous to all our consignors, buyers, barn help, office staff and truckers who help make this happen! Dairy cows mostly steady today, heifers still very much a buyer's market. Excellent quality dairy hay, $130-150/ bale

Market Report 8-15-2019

On Saturday our whole family went to a park for a picnic lunch. It included grilled steak, pork chops, and chicken breast besides all the fixings and other complementary foods. Yes, I ate more than I absolutely needed for sustenance, but I bet you would have too! After 3 weeks of selling dairy cows sharply higher we had a market correction this week. Extreme top cows still bring $1,500-1,800, this week $1,000-1,400 stopped most good cows. Had a shorter supply the last few weeks but I expect another flood of cattle coming on the market in the next 60 days. Choice Holstein steers topped at $93.25 on five head from John Yoder, Spencer. Please call with any marketing questions. We have order buying available. And same as always, we really appreciate your business more than you think!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 8-22-2019

Put on quite a few miles in several States the last two weeks. Sure saw a lot of good looking crops. These low 50s temperatures early mornings make a person think of Frost. Had 442 head consigned this week. Top selling Dairy cow was a registered, fresh 2 yr old Aftershock consigned by Muenster Homestead Farms, Seymour @ $1,550. Many good dairy cows selling from $900 to $1,300. Holstein feeder cattle were mostly $.70 to $.85, top fancy lightweights up to 1.05. Beef heifers 800 lbs @ $1.19. Choice Holstein steers up to $92.75 and dairy crosses up to $.9950. Top market cow 1940 lbs @ 75.50, second high was $.74, both consigned by Conrad Smith, Loyal. Conrad also had top bull, 2060 lbs @ $.8950. Yes, we do have a very competitive market! Also lower overall selling costs than some others.

Market Report 8-08-2019

Had more high quality cattle today again! Top Dairy cows $1850,1750 Alvin Martin, Unity. $1725, Michael Martin, Colby. Another nice run of good cows from $1200- 1500. Bull calves sold higher. Main run good Holstein bull calves $45 to $100. Top $125. Springing Holstein heifers mostly $850 to $1200. Open heifers 50 to 68 cents per pound. Choice Hol steers .90 to .9625, dairy cross up to $1.03. Nice run of Holstein feeder cattle mostly .75-.85 up to .95 on light weights. Continued good cull cow market. Thanks again for your continued support!!


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