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JWO Notes & Market Report 3-03-2020

Here's the market report for our Tuesday March 3rd sale, Kronebusch Registered herd dispersal. We sold cattle to four states today. Again, repeat after me, IT's ALL ABOUT QUALITY!! Extreme top cow brought $3,450. That's not a typo, $3,450!! Top 60 averaged $1,736. Top 100 averaged $1,702. Top 225 averaged $1,472 Springing heifers sold extremely well with top of $1,525 and 30 head averaging $1,425. We sold 74 fat cattle today. Choice Holstein steers were mostly $.86 to $.92. Crossbred steers up to $1.07. Had a very active cull cow market! 25% of cows brought $.61 to $.6750 with another 50% from $.50 to $.60. As always, we really appreciate your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 3-2-2020

The boys got a new jump rope and with a little practice got up to 500-600 consecutive jumps. I discovered outta shape, 50 something, white males are majorly out of puff by the time they get to 45 jumps! Main run of Dairy cows $1,200 to $1,600. Many mid lactation bred back cows $900 to $1,200. Good springing heifers mostly $800 to $1,200. Open Holstein heifers $.60 to $.75/lb. Holstein heifer calves $30 to $55 per head. Holstein bull calves $40 to $95 per head. Holstein feeder steers $.65 to $.8750 cross breds up to $1.3250/lb. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.88 to $.94. Beef cross steers up to $1.05. Market cows were lower this week. 66% of cows sold $.47 to $.58 top $.60. Hay prices steady to stronger. Dairy quality baleage $45 to $70/bale. Extreme top dry alfalfa $120/bale. Corn stalks $35 to $42.50. Barley straw $50. Rounds grass $35 to $65. As always, we really appreciate your business!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 2-20-2020

We sold 81 dairy cows, very much a buyer's market today. Extreme top $1700 consigned by Willard Brubacker, Stratford. Many very good quality dairy cows sold from $900 to $1,300. Better springing heifers still mostly $900 to $1,200. Good open heifers $.55 to $.70 a pound. Feeder cattle were higher today. Holstein steers mostly $.70- $.85 @ pound, top 745 lbs @ $.87. Beef cross steers up to $1.27/ lb. Quality Holstein bull calves $40 to $125 per head, top $127.50. Holstein heifer calves $10 to $50 per head. Very competitive fat cattle market today! Many choice Holsteins $.91 to $.9525. Extreme top $.9675 consigned by Joe Zimmerman, Dorchester. Choice beef steers $1.10 -$1.13/lb. 50% of cull cows sold from $.55 to $.6950. Extreme top $.7050/lb. Hay market nearly steady with last week. Round bales grass $40-$60. Dairy quality baleage up to $85 with dairy quality dry hay up to $120/bale. Oat straw up to $90 per bale. Rounds corn stalks $30 to $50/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 2-13-2020

562 head consigned. Below-zero temps with a brutal wind chill. Still had 67 bidding numbers out and 49 individual buyers! Can't say enough good about our barn crew in making the sale run smooth and efficient even in less-than-ideal conditions. Also another big thank you to all our consigners and buyers! Dairy cows did not top quite as high but held in that 950 to 1300 range all day. Springing heifers mostly $850 to $1,200. Open heifers stronger, mostly $0.65 to $0.85. Package 10 head 745 lb @ .92. Hfr calves $10-30/hd. Feeder cattle market was stronger. Holstein steers $0.62 to $0.92. Beef steers up to $127.50. Holstein bull calves $50 to $90 per head. Choice Holstein steers topped @ 95.50 consigned by John Yoder, Spencer. Choice beef steers up to 110. Cull cows higher. 45% sold from 54 to 68.50, top Holstein cull cow 1875 lbs @ .70. Hay still trending lower. Round bales grass 35 to 60. Dairy quality 3 by 3 by 7 up to $120. Corn stalks 30to $50 per bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 2-6-2020

Gotta kinda like this weather for February in Wisconsin! 360 head consigned today. Same story as we've had lately, it's all about quality! Top dairy cows $2050, $1900 consigned by Nolan Garman, Colby. Also one other consigned cow at $2000. Many respectable milk cows still selling from that 900 to 1300. Springing heifers still very much a buyers market, mostly selling from 850 to 1200. Open heifers mostly sold $0.60 to $0.75 per pound. Holstein heifer calves $10 to $35 per head with one 90 pounder at $70. Good Holstein bull calves were a little higher, $40 to $90 per head. 15% sold from $100 to $110 per head. Beef cross calves up to $150/head. Top Holstein breeding bull, 940 lb, $1,485 consigned by Charles Nolt, Boyd. Good market bulls $0.65 to $0.77 per pound. Choice Holstein steers and heifers $0.87 to $0.95. Top $0.96 Herman Miller Jr., Spencer. Top dairy cross $106.00 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Six head black feeder heifers, 543 lb at $116.00. Market cows steady. 40% sold from 51 to 65.50. 45% from 40 to 50 cents. Our largest run of hay ever. Hay market a little lower. Top quality grass hay $55 to $75 per bale. Lower quality $30 to $60. Top dairy hay 3 by 3 by 4 $120. Wheat straw up to $65 per bale. Excellent quality corn stalks up to $55.


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