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JWO Notes & Market Report 10-10-2019

Another large run of Dairy cows with a large dispersal of 300 cows and one smaller dispersal. The highlight of the day being the Jersey and Jersey cross cows. Many of them selling for $1,100 to $1,400. Good quality Holstein cows up to $1650. Many decent cows selling from $850 to $1,100. Springing heifers up to $1,150. Cull cows slightly lower. Top $.6450. Sold 104 head cull cows. Appreciate everyones business and hope to see you next week at our large Special Feeder Sale!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 10-10-2019

Our family went to the Milwaukee Zoo on Saturday. Very interesting seeing the different animals. As always, the monkeys were the highlight of the day. Some of them looked so familiar... The free admission day was pretty good to! Lots of fieldwork going on and a smaller crowd, but markets were pretty much steady this week across the board. Open heifers were considerably higher. We have order buying available if you cant make it to the sale. Sure appreciate everybodys patronage!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 10 -03 19

...swear not at all... Matt 5:34. Dairy cows a little softer today. Top $1,500 Brian Zimmerman, Loyal. The calf market is such a fickle thing, but definitely stronger today. Good Holstein bull calves 30 to $70, heifer calves $50 -110. Sold 121 cull cows on a stronger market, top $67.50. Consignment 13 Holstein steers, Loyal, averaged 1478 lbs @ 92.00, top 94.75. Dairy quality 3+3+7 hay 135/bale.

JWO Notes & Market Report 09-26-2019

It felt like my foot is broken so I finally went to a foot Doctor. Podiatrist he called himself. He poked and prodded around at my foot and finally took an X-ray. Sure enough, my foot is broken. But he doesn't think that is where the pain is coming from. REALLY!!? Now him and I have what is called a difference of opinion. Milk prices are trending higher, which is a good thing. Good milk cows also higher than they were 2 months ago with tops consistently hitting $1700 to $1800 and a small percentage over the $2000 mark. Bulk of dairy cows still selling $850 to $1350. Good cull cows higher this week. 7 Limo cows averaged 1719 lbs @ 72.75 with a top of .74 consigned by Conrad Smith, Loyal. Top Holstein cow 1745 lbs @ .71 consigned by Doug Cox, Loyal. Top Holstein steers, 4 head averaged 1469 lbs @ 93.50 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Bring us your cattle and see the difference!!

JWO Notes & Market Report 9-19-2019

Here's an odd statistical quirk. I read that 95% of drivers rate themselves as better than average, that's nearly identical to the number of people that think their cattle are worth more! Top dairy cows this week, $1,725, Merle Ray Oberholtzer, Colby. $1,700, $1,700, $1,650, Alan Kolb, Blanchardville. Top springer $1,300. Cull cows up to $.6750. Choice Holstein steers 5 head @ $.9150. Large squares hay up to $150 @ bale.


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