Last week of school for the boys, picnic planned for Friday. That’s always a high day of the year! I’m planning to grill chicken for dinner. It’s been a number of years since I did that. I sure hope it turns out well! Had another near record number of animals with 483 head consigned. Sold a really nice herd of registered cows and heifers. Top $2500 with 3 cows over $2000. Many cows sold from $1600 to $1900. Springing heifers up to $1600 mostly from $ 900 to $1250. Registered open heifers mostly $.95 to $1.10 @ lb top $1.30 @ lb on 650 lb heifer. Grade opens mostly $.85 to $1.00 @lb. Cull cows mostly $.55 to $.63. Top $.70. Hay was higher again with more people seeing theres is frozen out. Large squares average quality alfalfa $130 a bale. Small squares first crop grass up to $6.75 a bale.