What a waste of resources. Went to the bank to open a savings account for our 7 and 9 yr olds. Five pages and 7 signatures per account and we were in business! Plus they sent 12 more pages, of mostly fine print, legalese along home. Fell asleep before I read it all but among other things it did have us agree to not use the account for any illegal activities. AND, if the boys keep more than $49.99 in the account they get paid the astonishing rate of .01%!! I wonder how the bank can afford it but I guess they know what they’re doing. Another round of many good quality cattle selling for less than I think they should. Top dairy cow $1,650, lots of very good cows $850 to $1,400. Cull cows selling quite well, many .40-59, choice Holstein steers to .90. Still very strong demand for hay with most round and squares grass bringing $90-110 @ bale. Top $120