Went to a wedding in Snover, Michigan over the weekend. Had a nice time including crossing the Mackinac Bridge which is always interesting. As is the usual when they send cows in, Metzger’s had the top two cows in the sale. $1,800 for a Cory daughter carrying a Solution heifer calf, and $1,700 for a Drew daughter milking 121 lbs!! Our reputation load from Cashton had a sweet, fresh Jersey at $1,700 consigned by Andy Hershberger. They always send us some of the better kind, many with bumper to bumper warranty on them! Cull cows again topped @ 70.50/cwt with many cows from .50- .68. We keep getting more hay to sell with continued very strong prices. And in case you don’t know it, we REALLY appreciate all your past and future business!!!