It felt like my foot is broken so I finally went to a foot Doctor. Podiatrist he called himself. He poked and prodded around at my foot and finally took an X-ray. Sure enough, my foot is broken. But he doesn’t think that is where the pain is coming from. REALLY!!? Now him and I have what is called a difference of opinion. Milk prices are trending higher, which is a good thing. Good milk cows also higher than they were 2 months ago with tops consistently hitting $1700 to $1800 and a small percentage over the $2000 mark. Bulk of dairy cows still selling $850 to $1350. Good cull cows higher this week. 7 Limo cows averaged 1719 lbs @ 72.75 with a top of .74 consigned by Conrad Smith, Loyal. Top Holstein cow 1745 lbs @ .71 consigned by Doug Cox, Loyal. Top Holstein steers, 4 head averaged 1469 lbs @ 93.50 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Bring us your cattle and see the difference!!