We sold 81 dairy cows, very much a buyer’s market today. Extreme top $1700 consigned by Willard Brubacker, Stratford. Many very good quality dairy cows sold from $900 to $1,300. Better springing heifers still mostly $900 to $1,200. Good open heifers $.55 to $.70 a pound. Feeder cattle were higher today. Holstein steers mostly $.70- $.85 @ pound, top 745 lbs @ $.87. Beef cross steers up to $1.27/ lb. Quality Holstein bull calves $40 to $125 per head, top $127.50. Holstein heifer calves $10 to $50 per head. Very competitive fat cattle market today! Many choice Holsteins $.91 to $.9525. Extreme top $.9675 consigned by Joe Zimmerman, Dorchester. Choice beef steers $1.10 -$1.13/lb. 50% of cull cows sold from $.55 to $.6950. Extreme top $.7050/lb. Hay market nearly steady with last week. Round bales grass $40-$60. Dairy quality baleage up to $85 with dairy quality dry hay up to $120/bale. Oat straw up to $90 per bale. Rounds corn stalks $30 to $50/bale.