Much as I wanted to share more of what I learned in my whit collar crime study, that still small voice keeps saying “don’t”. Instead lets read Romans 12:17-21. Another round of many good quality cattle selling for less than I think they should. Top dairy cows $1,700 Harry Keim, Willard. $1,675 Rueben Hershberger, Westby. $1,550 Michael Bender, Unity. $1,500 Levi Hershberger, Loyal. Lots of very good cows selling $850 to $1400. Springing heifers mostly $800-950. Open heifers up to $.65/lb. Feeder cattle higher. 6 Angus steers 718 lbs 1.44/lb. Holstein steers mostly $.70-.90. Cull cows up to $.58. Very strong demand for hay! Rounds mostly $95 to 120. Large squares grass up to $150. Small squares $4.75 to $7.00 per bale. Thank You so much for your continued support!!