562 head consigned. Below-zero temps with a brutal wind chill. Still had 67 bidding numbers out and 49 individual buyers! Can’t say enough good about our barn crew in making the sale run smooth and efficient even in less-than-ideal conditions. Also another big thank you to all our consigners and buyers! Dairy cows did not top quite as high but held in that 950 to 1300 range all day. Springing heifers mostly $850 to $1,200. Open heifers stronger, mostly $0.65 to $0.85. Package 10 head 745 lb @ .92. Hfr calves $10-30/hd. Feeder cattle market was stronger. Holstein steers $0.62 to $0.92. Beef steers up to $127.50. Holstein bull calves $50 to $90 per head. Choice Holstein steers topped @ 95.50 consigned by John Yoder, Spencer. Choice beef steers up to 110. Cull cows higher. 45% sold from 54 to 68.50, top Holstein cull cow 1875 lbs @ .70. Hay still trending lower. Round bales grass 35 to 60. Dairy quality 3 by 3 by 7 up to $120. Corn stalks 30to $50 per bale.