Put on quite a few miles in several States the last two weeks. Sure saw a lot of good looking crops. These low 50s temperatures early mornings make a person think of Frost. Had 442 head consigned this week. Top selling Dairy cow was a registered, fresh 2 yr old Aftershock consigned by Muenster Homestead Farms, Seymour @ $1,550. Many good dairy cows selling from $900 to $1,300. Holstein feeder cattle were mostly $.70 to $.85, top fancy lightweights up to 1.05. Beef heifers 800 lbs @ $1.19. Choice Holstein steers up to $92.75 and dairy crosses up to $.9950. Top market cow 1940 lbs @ 75.50, second high was $.74, both consigned by Conrad Smith, Loyal. Conrad also had top bull, 2060 lbs @ $.8950. Yes, we do have a very competitive market! Also lower overall selling costs than some others.