Despite the snow and less than ideal roads, we still had a nice run of cattle and a good sized buying crowd. Over 70 people present and 48 individual buyers! Top quality cows continue to sell well. $2,100, $2,000, $1,900, $1,900, $1,800, $1,800, Davidson Herd, Hixton. $2,000, Ron Unseth, Genoa. $1,700, Michael Martin, Colby. $1,700, Sheldon Zimmerman, Unity. Many cows selling from $1000-1600. High cell count and long days in milk cows still heavily discounted. Beef feeder steers mostly $1.05 to $1.35. Holsteins mostly $.60 to $.85. Hay market was softer again this week. Most round bales grass sold for $45-75/ bale. Good grass squares up to $160/ bale.