Another run of excellent quality dairy cows today. Market was steady with last week. 25% of dairy cows sold from $1550 to $1850. Another 25% sold from $1300 to $1500. No Supreme quality springers today. Most good springers sold from $850 to $1150. Open heifer market continues to show good strength with the bulk of heifers selling from 60 to 85 cents per pound. Lightweight heifers were lower today with 200lb Holsteins selling from $75 to $150 per head. Had our best run of fat steers ever! Over 85% of Holsteins sold from $.89 to $.9325 with extreme dairy cross at $1.09! Choice beef steers up to $1.15. 50% of market cows sold $.40 to $.59. Good Holstein bull calves mostly 40 to $85 per head.