Well my lucky day! I got a letter in the mail stating a distant relative of mine in London died of cardiac arrest in 2009 and just now they tracked me down as the next of Kin. The poor old bloke left a cool 9.47 million in his account. All I need to do to claim it is sign to verify who I am. I will of course have to wire funds for closing costs and a few incidentals, but still!!

Quality, Quality, Quality. It’s all about Quality and we had quality in Spades today! Top Dairy cows 2250, 1750, 1700 Stanley Halligan, Athens. $2000, $1850 Keith Horning, Greenwood. $2000, $1850, $1800 Tony Knorn, Casco. $2000, $1800 Allard Meverdan, Wittenberg. $1900, $1900 Lamar Weaver, Unity. $1900 Leonard Ray Zimmerman, Greenwood. $1800 Levi Bieler, Boscobel. Top Market steer 1615 lbs @ $.94. Market cows considerable higher than last week. 2 top cows $.5825. Hay market continues strong. Large squares dairy quality hay $130- $150 a bale.