Quality, Quality, Quality. Again, its all about Quality! We are so blessed to have good farmers consigning high quality cattle week after week. Also blessed to have discerning buyers, with integrity, patronizing our business. And a high quality, competent, workforce to make our operation run as smooth as possible. Top end Dairy cows this week, 2200, 2200, 2000, 1900, 1900, Tony Knorn, Casco WI. Good cows were steady to lower. Many cows sold from 800 to 1300. Holstein bull calves mostly 25 to 85 per head. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.65 to $.85 @ lb, top $.98. Beef yearlings $1.20 to $1.29 @ lb. Cull cows lower. Top $.6450. Good alfalfa hay 3+3+7 bales $135 a bale. Grass hay rounds & squares $55 to $95. Next Thursday we will have 24 bales Canadian alfalfa 2nd crop and 16 bales 3rd crop grass/alfalfa mix. Super, Super fancy hay good enough for sheep & goats!!