So I’m probably biased, but I think I grill pretty serious pork chop. Yesterday I saw a guy eating one of them with ketchup and mustard on it. Now that just seems wrong! Save your ketchup and mustard for your ice cream and angel food cake but not on my good pork chops!!

Quality, Quality, Quality, its all about Quality and we have it coming through our barn week after week. Sold 340 head to 57 buyers for 93 consignors. Well over a hundred people in attendance. Top dairy cows $1,950, $1,900, $1,750, $1,700, $1,700, $1,650, $1,600, $1,600, Sunset Farms, Allenton, WI. $1,875, $1,750 Jim Mlsna, Hillsboro, WI. $1,650, Dennis Anderson, Hager City, WI. $1,600, $1,600 Jonathon Shirk, Colby,WI. 26 cows sold over $1,500! Choice Holstein steers topped at $93.75 on 9 head from Mervin Hoover, Curtis, WI.