Shorter run on dairy cows today but we sure had quality! Overall market considerable stronger. Top cow $1,550 Levi Hershberger; Loyal. Many good cows from $900 to $1,400. Lower end cows were still discounted considerably.

Had a very nice run of feeder cattle that sold quite well. We keep getting more feeders in and sure appreciate every one of them! Also had a beef cow/calf dispersal of Limosiune and Simmentals. Pairs sold from $1,200 to $1,500 with 120-250 lb calves at side. Holstein Feeders: 950 -1200 lb $.78 to $.85.  500-850 lb  $.76 to $.89. Lighter weights up to $1.02 @ lb.

Fed Cattle: High Choice $.88 to $.92. Select $.8250 to .$88  Market cows: Mostly $.54 to $.60. Several cows $.62 to $.6950.  WANTED: More cull cows and Fed cattle! Thanks for your support have a GREAT weekend!!