Mark took 5th place in the Greater Midwest Auctioneer Contest in Rugby, North Dakota last week, and third in a ring man competition. Congrats Mark! My Parkinson’s is definitely speeding the aging process ( save the age wise cracks, 53 isn’t really that old!!) Had a 60ish year old lady like to help me across the street the other day. How manly do you think that’ll make you feel?! Over all dairy cows trending lower, many good cows selling $800-1300. Top springing heifer $1,250. Cull cows up to $.60. Top dairy cross steer $1.08 and Swiss steer $.94 Kenneth Yoder, Spencer. We dohave a very competitive market and we do need more market cattle!! Large round and square bales of hay up to $110. Small squares mostly $3.50 to $4.50. Top $5.75.