What sense does it make to say we love capitalism and yet the minute there is ‘free’ government money available we push and shove and squeal like socialist hogs at the trough to be sure we get ours?! (can you say PPP etc.)?

We had another nice run of quality cows today. Better cows 1500 to 2250. Top 2250, 2150, 2000 Willard Brubacker, Edgar. Many respectable smaller or late lactation cows 900-1450.

Fancy springing Holstein heifers 1300-1625. Top 1800. Plainer heifers 1100 and down. Open heifers 75-1.05 per lb. Single birth heifer calves 25-65 per head.

Holstein breeding bulls up to 1350 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 145-225 per head.

Choice and prime Holstein steers heifers 90-96. Select 85-89. Low grade and under finished 83 and down.

20% of market cows sold 56-63.50. 50% sold 48-55.

Third and fourth crop grass and alfalfa large squares 70 – 80 dollars a bale. Second crop grass 40 – 55. First crop round bales bales grass 25 – 35. Oat straw 22 – 30. Bean stalks 25 – 30. Small squares grass 3 – $4 per bale. We will have a semi load of fancy Canadian wheat straw for next weeks sale!!

Thank you for participating in our auctions!! Be careful out there during harvest.