A recent Saturday poll of yard signs had Biden running 3rd locally. Behind Trump and Garage sales!

Sold 609 head today on our special dairy and feeder sale.

Better dairy cows again $1500 to $2100. Also many decent cows 950 to 1450. Top $2100 Robert See, Athens. Springing heifers 1200-1600. Open Holstein heifers 72 to 90 cents a pound. Holstein heifer calve 25 to 70 dollars per head.

Beef feeder steers up to 1.61 /lb. Most Holsteins 87 to 1.14/ lb.

Bred beef cows 850 to 1150.

Market bulls 75-86.

We sold 79 fat cattle with 75% selling from 92 to 96 cents/ lb.

Sold 77 market cows. 35% sold 55 to 61. Top 63.50.

Better quality hay sold higher. 3rd and 4th crop large squares grass and alfalfa 75 to 87.50 per bale. Round bales 2nd crop grass 45-65. First crop rounds 27.50 to 35 per bale. Soybean stubble $35. Small squares grass 3.50 per bale.

Once again, a big THANK YOU from all of us for choosing to do business here!!