Overheard on school van. We have a spelling test today and all the words are at least 10 letters long and nobody even has any idea how to pronounce them! There’s just no point in all that! Thought to myself, some things just never change.

Standing room only crowd, nearly 120 bidding numbers out and 83 individual buyers.

As usual, Quality Sells!! Top fresh cows 1800 to 2600. Extreme top 2900 consigned by Tom Utecht, Fremont. Dry cows up to 2200.

114 dairy cows, including 9 blemished cows, averaged $1488.

Sold 173 heifers on a stronger market. Number one springers 1300 to 1675. Extreme top bred heifer 2300 consigned by Jared Stillman, Arpin. Open Holstein heifers .75 to 1.10 per lb depending on quality. Registered heifers up to 1.65 per pound. Holstein heifer calves 25 to $75 per head.

Average quality breeding bulls 850 to 1300.

Choice Holstein steers .90-.96. Holstein bull calves lower, mostly 65 to 120 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves 135 to $190 per head.

Market cows lower. Sold 80 head with 80% selling .46 to .59. Top .61.

Hay prices steady. Lots of excellent quality today! Small squares grass/alfalfa mix 3.50 to 4.50 per bale. Rounds bean stubble 37.50. First crop rounds grass 30 to 40 per bale. 3rd crop mix rounds and squares 50 to $75 per bale. Top load 77.50 consigned by Jeff Severson, Osseo.

A special Thank You to our buyer crowd for the active and generous bidding on items donated and sold for Stillman cancer benefit!! Cheese boxes brought $400 each and large flower planters $200 a piece. With a nice framed picture $225. Also sold completely out of the donated cheese curds at the food stand.

Thanks again to all of you for choosing to do business here!!