People practically always guess me to be older than i am. Maybe it’s from the stumble-bum way I walk from my Parkinson’s or maybe people are generally just bad at guessing age. Either way I find it amusing

…till the other day a 90 year old thought I must be close his age!


Pretty much the same story again, Quality is everything! No extreme top Holstein cows today, bulk of the good cows brought 1100 to 1500. Sold 30 Jersey cows today with the better cows selling 1200 to 1600. Extreme top $2300 consigned by GM Sandhill Jerseys, Unity.


Mid grade Holstein springers 950 to 1250. Open Hol hfrs 70 to 90 cents a lb. Holstein hfr calves 60 to $65 per head.

Holstein breeding bulls up to $1400. 2 Angus breeding bulls 1200 lbs at $1675 ea.

Sold 70 market cows. 25% of the cows sold 61 -66.50, 50% sold 52.50 to 60.50.

Hay market was steady. Second crop large squares grass mix up to 67.50. First crop grass 30 to $40. Round and square straw 35 to $45 per bale.

Have a great week! Hope to do business with you again soon!!