I can’t wait til random people come up to me and start talking about what they read in thier Bible today instead of exposing their political bent view on mask mandates. Had a shorter run of top-end Dairy cows but market consistent with the last few weeks. Many decent cows selling $1,100-$1,600. Average quality springing heifers $950 to $1,250. Small or plain heifers discounted. Fancy open Holstein heifers up to $.90/lb on 860lbs. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $35 to $85 per head. Holstein breeding bulls $850 to $950 top $1,100 on 875 lbs. Top Angus breeding bull 1130 lbs @ $1,700. Holstein market bulls $.80-$.9225. We sold 82 head of fat cattle on a strong and steady market. Choice & Prime Holstein steers & heifers $.88to $.9575. Top $.96 Dorcas Raber, Spencer. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $65-$110/head. Top $125. Beef cross bull & heifer calves $140-$240. Holstein feeder steers $.90- $1.15. Market cows a little lower than last Thursday. 40% of cows sold $.60-$.6950. 37% sold from $.50-$.5950. Haymarket steady. Large rounds grass $40 to $50/bale. Large squares 2nd crop grass mix $50 to $67.50/bale. Grass squares first crop $35. Rounds straw $42.50. Thanks for choosing to do business with us!