Had about 800 miles on 4 brand new tires when one of them blew on I-65 north of Indianapolis. Not the best time to find out the spare is nearly flat too… Beautiful haying weather and a smaller crowd today but market was steady to stronger on all classes. Better Dairy cows $1,600 to $2,000. Extreme top $2,250. Many good cows sold from $1,100 to $1,575. Plain or blemished cows $900 and down. Jersey cows up to $1,200. No top fancy Springers today. Common Holstein springers $950 to $1,200. Open heifers mostly $.75 to $1.05/pound. Single birth heifer calves $25 to $75 per head. Fancy 1175 lb Holstein jumper bull $1075. Market bulls $.91 to $.94/lb. Choice & Prime Holstein steers & heifers $.88 to $.94. Extreme top $.9625 Mahlon Yoder, Loyal. Holstein feeder steers $.88 to $1.15 with crossbreds up to $1.24. Holstein bull calves mostly $60 to $110/head. Top $120. Beef cross bull & heifer calves $160 to $220/head. Top 185 lbs @ $350/head. 33% of Market cows sold $.62 to $.75 with 35% from $.56 to $.61. Top Holstein market cows 1590 lbs @ $.75 Consignment, Thorp. 1385 lbs @ $.75 Steven Hoover, Neillsville. 3x3x7 Grass/Clover 2nd crop $50-$65/bale. First crop grass $30-$40/bale. 3x3x7 nice roto cut wheat straw $45/bale. Yes, we really DO appreciate your business!!