Someone said, it’s not the heat it’s the humidity. Whatever it is, it sure makes the sweat roll by the by the buckets full and corn grow gangbusters! Continued trend of good fresh cows selling very well, $1,500- $2,000. Top cows today $2000 Ralph Peterscheim, Viroqua. $1,950 Matt Hartwig, Edgar. Good mid lactation and smaller cows $1,100 to $1,475. Medium grade springing heifers $900 to $1,300 Open Holstein heifers$.65 to $.85 per pound. Holstein heifer calves $40 to $80 per head. Top Holstein breeding bull 1035 lbs, $1,500. Common breeding bulls $650 to $1,000. Choice Holstein steers $.85 to $.8750. Top $.9025 Stephen High, Neillesville. Market bulls up to $.8450. Very competitive calf market. Most good Holstein bull calves sold from $90 to $140 per head. Good, 80-110 lb, beef croos bull calves $200-$250/hd. Top $255 Logan Vieth, Westby. Market cows held up very well 2 days before the Holiday weekend. 44% of cows sold from $.55 to $.66 per Pound. 33% sold from $.44 to $.54. 3x3x7 1st crop grass $55 to $70 per bale. 1st crop grass small squares $1.50 to $2.00 per bale. Thank You all Buyers and Sellers!!