Another week of excellent growing weather. Corn is looking good and quite a bit of top quality hay came off this week. 378 head consigned today. Very good run of better quality cows with a continued firm undertone on quality. Many good cows $1,400-$1,600, extreme top $1,900 consigned by Joe Stransky, Owatonna MN. Mid lactation or smaller cows $850 to $1,200. Holstein springing heifers $850 to $1,100, top $1,250. Open heifers mostly $.65 to $.85 per pound. Smaller and lower quality heifers discounted. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $30 to $65 per head. Good Holstein breeding bulls $800 to $1,100 per head. Hereford and Char pairs $1,200 to $1,300. Up to $1.38 per pound. Feeder cattle market very active! Good Holstein steers mostly $.83 to $1.03/lb. Crossbred  738 lb heifers $1.14. Holstein bull calves mostly $70 to $125 per head, beef cross up to $200. Sold 79 head fat cattle today. Choice Holstein steers $.81 to $.87. Top $.8775. Crossbreds up to $.98. Select Holstein steers and heifers $.75 to $.81. 33% of Market cows sold $.57 to $.68. 33% sold $.50 to $.5650. Holstein Market bulls up to $.7650. Short run hay today. 3x3x7 new crop grass mix $65 per bale. Large round second crop grass $72.50/bale. Thanks for your patronage! We REALLY appreciate it!