The other day I got a check from the United States Treasury for $3,566.15. The memo said Economic Impact Payment. They must have a crazy good formula if they nailed my economic situation right down to the last $0.15!

We sold 336 head for 110 consignors. 72 registered bidders.

Dairy cows sold higher today. It’s still all about quality!! Extreme top was $1,800 on a Jersey cross from Rueben Miller, Cashton. Second highest @ $1,700 Jersey cow from Burr Oak Dairy, Bloomfield IA. 50 cow consignment of fancy crossbreds from Burr Oak dairy averaged $1,145/hd or $116.90/cwt.
Good springing Holstein heifers $1,000 to $1,200. Very few opens today but we’ll have a nice selection next Thursday on the Special Heifer Sale. Single birth Holstein heifer calves mostly $15 to $65 today.
Holstein bull calves sharply higher. 75% of calves $100 to $150 each. Crossbred heifer and bull calves $165 to $185.
Holstein breeding bulls mostly $900 to $1,200. Jersey breeding bull $1000.
Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.75 to $.82. Holstein feeder steers mostly $.88-$.94/lb, with crossbreds up to $1.45.
Market bulls $.75 to $.8550. Market cows lower 67% sold from $.40 to $.49. Top $.53.
Dairy quality alfalfa 3x4x8 up to $155 per bale. Rounds & squares grass $60- $75. 3x3x7 2nd crop grass up to $100/bale.

As always, Thank You for your support!!