My 11 yr old son Elvin is a big fan of bird watching. He has a variety of bird feeders outside our window and it’s interesting to see what all shows up. Hummingbirds, Baltimore Orioles, Orchard Orioles, Hairy Woodpecker, Purple Finch, Goldfinch, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Juncos. And the more common birds, Mourning doves, Red Wing blackbirds, and Sparrows. Plus greatly unwelcome Starlings.

Had a little shorter run, not our regular sale date. Mostly medium or lower quality cows today. Lots of smaller crossbred cows mostly selling $700 to $1,200. Open Holstein heifers $.60 to $.75/lb. Holstein Dairy bulls $.70 to $.90/lb.

Good Holstein bull calves mostly $50 to $105 per head. Top $110. Single birth Holstein heifer calves $20 to $85 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $120 to $180 per head. Choice Holstein sters and heifers a little lower, $.79 to $.8350. Choice beef steers $1.01 to $1.05. Most good market cows$.43 to $.55. 20% of cows $.38 and down. Good grass hay squares and rounds $65 to $85, Top $105 per bale. Large square alfalfa up to $105 per bale. As always, Thanks for your support!