Well that ended kinda quick. One day we’re not allowed to do a lot of things, next day it’s 100 MPH, wide open, go wherever you want, virus or no virus. Milk futures have been making a nice run upward which in turn put a little support in the dairy cow prices today. We sold 385 head for 110 consignors. 77 registered bidders. Better dairy cows 1300 to 1600. Many decent cows 850-1100. Springing Holstein heifers up to 950. Good open Holstein heifers 70 to 85 cents per lb. Single birth Holstein heifer calves 30 to $70 per head. Sold 153 feeder cattle on a steady to stronger market. Holstein steers 77-1.03. Beef cross steers and heifers $0.90- $1.42/lb. Holstein bull calves sold mostly 40-100 per head with beef cross bull and heifer calves 130 to $215 per head. Market cattle much higher today. Choice and Prime steers and heifers $82 to $90. Market bulls 75.50 to 88.50. 64% of market cows sold from 50 to 60. Sold 18 lots of hay. No dairy quality Alfalfa today. Large round and squares quality grass hay 70 to 82.50 per bale. 28 large round bales, supreme quality grass, 140 to 145 per bale. Lower quality hay 25 to $50 per bale.