Beautiful weather today! Yesterday I was in Minnesota and there was lots of field work being done there and it looked really fit. Dairy cow market a little stronger today but it’s still a buyer’s market overall. Many good dairy cows sold from $850 to $1,250 with top cows up to $1,400. Good Holstein springers $800 to $1000. No supreme close ups today. Open Holstein heifers mostly $.60 to $.75/pound. Single birth heifer calves $15 to $55 per head. Holstein bull calves mostly$60 to $95 per head. Beef cross bull and heifer calves $120 to $185/ head. Holstein feeder steers $.75 to$.90 per pound. Beef cross feeders up to $1.25. Hay market continued strong. Dairy quality Western alfalfa 3x4x8 up to $150/bale, and fancy 4th crop 3x3x7 up to $120/bale. Good grass hay, rounds & squares $50 to $85 per bale. Baleage $25 to $60 pe bale. Small squares straw & grass hay $2.50 to $3.75/bale.