The story is the same as it has been, quality makes the biggest difference! Lot of good cows selling from $1000 to $1,450 with top cows the last 2 weeks being from $1,500 to $1,800. Good quality springing heifers $950 to $1,200. High quality short-bred heifers were really a buyer’s market today selling from $600 to $750 per head. Open heifers $.55 to $.70 per pound, and single birth¬† Holstein heifer calves $15 to $45 per head. We did not have any High choice Holstein steers today but the market is still in that $.73- $.77 range. Holstein feeders $.65 to $1.15/lb. Good quality Holstein bull calves mostly $35 to $95 per head with a few up to $105. Beef cross calves up to $220/head. Cull cows were considerable higher today. 45% sod from $.50 to $.57, with 55% from $.38 to $.4950. We sold 42 lots hay & straw. 3x4x8 western alfalfa $165/bale. Round & square grass hay $45 to $90/bale. Rounds & squares baleage $30 to $70/bale. Large squares straw up to $65. Bedding hay $20 to $30. Small squares Alfalfa grass $3.50 to $5.50/bale.¬†One other thing that hasn’t changed either, we are very very glad for every bit of your business!! If you can’t make the sale, we do order buying as well.