Heres the combined market report for Thursday March 5th and March 12th auctions. Somehow I don’t get why Coronavirus should make milk prices lower. Surely it didn’t kill that many people and the rest still have to eat. Better dairy cows $1,400 to $2,000 with an extreme top of $2,800. Many decent quality cows $950 to $1,300. Top Jerseys up to $1,400. High quality herd dispersal springing heifers $1,200 to $1,475. Other quality springing heifers $850 to $1,150. Small, plain, or blemished springers sharply lower. Open Holstein heifers $.65 to $.80 per pound. Good Holstein heifer calves $30 to $50 with several $85 to $95 per head. Good Holstein bull calves mostly $30 to $70 per head couple up to $100. Beef cross calves up to $185. Sold 155 head feeder cattle. Holstein steers mostly $.64 to $.85 per pound with a few Fleckvieh cross up to $1.06. Beef cross steers up to $1.2750. Jersey & Jersey cross steers $.42 to $.60 per pound. Choice Holstein steers & heifers $.87 to $.9350. Market bulls $.76 to $.82. 66% of Market cows $.53 to $.67 several up to $.70.