Here’s the market report for our Tuesday March 3rd sale, Kronebusch Registered herd dispersal. We sold cattle to four states today.

Again, repeat after me, IT’s ALL ABOUT QUALITY!!

Extreme top cow brought $3,450. That’s not a typo, $3,450!!

Top 60 averaged $1,736.

Top 100 averaged $1,702.

Top 225 averaged $1,472

Springing heifers sold extremely well with top of $1,525 and 30 head averaging $1,425. We sold 74 fat cattle today. Choice Holstein steers were mostly $.86 to $.92. Crossbred steers up to $1.07. Had a very active cull cow market! 25% of cows brought $.61 to $.6750 with another 50% from $.50 to $.60.

As always, we really appreciate your business!!