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Special Dairy and aAa Mated Sale Friday 5-14-21!! 11:00

Bid live on Due to ascension day on Thursday we will be selling on Friday the 14th!! Early Consignments aAa mated cows This will be our biannual sale featuring top end handpicked cows out of herds using aAa mating in their herds. Most of these...

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Special Dairy Sale Tuesday 3-30-21 11:00 A.M.

 !!Haz-Broy Farms Complete Dispersal 265 Head!! 180 Holstein cows and 85 Procross cows, RHA 26,241,  1036F, 855P!!  Hazel herd CATALOG 3-26 Holstein cows RHA 27,557  1072F,  883P.  Procross cows RHA 24,402  986F,  815P. Cows are housed in free stalls, milked in a...

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Holiday Select Dairy Sale!! 12/31/20 11:00 A.M

  Early Consignments Cary Moser, Dream Prairie Holsteins. 6 fancy fresh Holstein heifers, all fresh in the last 45 days and milking up to 110 lbs!! Milked in teistalls, housed in sand bedded free stalls. Individuals include an Aftershock out of an EX94 Goldwyn with 4...

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