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Complete Herd Dispersal

(150) Tie stall cows. Herd consists of 120 milking cows plus 30 dry cows. Mostly Holsteins with 2 Jerseys, 2 Red & White, 3 Jersey cross cows. Current bulk tank average is 74 lbs milk with RHA 23,500. Fed a high forage diet and let out every day for exercise and fed at a bunk on concrete yard. Ai breeding and a closed herd for 20+ years and use a registered Holstein bull for cleanup. Cows are on official DHIA. Vaccinated with 10 way at dry off and regular hoof trimming. There are some absolute top shelf fresh heifers and mature cows in this herd as well as some budget cows that are producing well. There will be something for every budget in this herd. Glasbrenner Farms, Boscobel.

Complete Dispersal #2

Short Notice complete dispersal of 50 tie stall cows. Herd includes Holsteins, Jerseys, Red & Whites, and cross breeds. Some very nice cows in this herd!!

Early Consignments Beef Cows

(30) Beef cows. Mostly Black and Red Angus cows with several Charolais. Bred to Black angus bull to start calving May 1st. Very nice herd with a lot of good young cows. Also selling the Angus bull they are bred with. Complete Dispersal Lamar Weaver, Unity

Early Consignments Feeder Cattle

(19) Holstein steers. 600- 850 lbs. Green, 1x vacc.

(8) Angus Holstein cross steers. 450 lbs.

(13) Holstein steers. 400- 500 lbs.